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LG launches 'world's least power-hungry' display

by Parm Mann on 13 June 2008, 14:06

Tags: LG Monitors, LG

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Tony Smith of The Register reports:

According to LG, its newly launched Flatron W2252TE is the world's most energy efficient monitor.

What makes it so is a power consumption of just 22W - 45 per cent less than the 40W other 22in displays gobble up, LG claimed.

The screen has a wide native resolution of 1680 x 1050, a 170° viewing angle, a brightness rated at 250cdm² and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

In a bid to bridge the old 4:3 aspect ratio to the new, widescreen 16:10 world, LG said the new Flatron has special circuitry to allow 4:3 content to be displayed to the full width of the panel without distortion. Though whether some clever image manipulation algorithm is behind it, or the screen simply crops off the top and bottom of the picture isn't yet clear.

What we can say is that the W2252TE will be reducing UK electricity consumption from August. LG didn't say how much it will cost.

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Well if it truly doesn't cause *any* distortion, then I'd say it simply crops. On the other hand its much more likely they are going to include smart aspect scaling hardware where the sides get stretched a lot while the middle third doesn't see any stretching.

Either way, big deal.