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Philips Momentum 392M7C is a 144Hz 38.5-inch monitor

by Mark Tyson on 19 November 2019, 13:11

Tags: Philips (AMS:PHIA)

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Philips has quietly released a large new curved screen monitor for gamers. The new Philips Momentum 392M7C is an entry-level offering and thus makes some compromises, but Philips must be hoping that overall it will appeal.

On the positive side of things the Momentum 392M7C offers a big curved screen experience. It uses a 38.5-inch diagonal VA panel with non-glare coating and a gentle 3000R curvature. Appealing to gamers on PCs and consoles, the display is VESA Adaptive-Sync compatible (FreeSync compatible) and has a max refresh rate of 144Hz. Another metric checked eagerly by gamers is response time, and this too is pleasing low at 1ms (MPRT). Philips has included some SmartImage presets for various gaming genres like FPS, RTS, Racing, and Custom.

Moving onto more general qualities, the colour gamut on offer is acceptable for games and entertainment at 105.48 per cent sRGB and 94.11 per cent NTSC, and the viewing angles are a wide 178°/178° horizontal/vertical too.

The undoubted weak points on the specs table are the screen resolution and maximum brightness values. Despite its expansive 38.5-inch diagonal, Philips has seen fit to choose a panel of 1920 x 1080 pixels to keep the price down. That equates to a pixel density of 57ppi. Furthermore, its max brightness is 250cd/m2 and contrast ratio is 5000:1.

Elsewhere in the spec, the Philips Momentum 392M7C offers one each of DP, D-Sub connectors plus a pair of HDMI connectors. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack but no built-in speakers. The supplied stand provides only tilt adjustments of -5°/10°.

We don't have any stated availability dates or pricing at the moment but this monitor is expected shortly. I will update below when it becomes available.

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38", 1080p and 250 nits. That's pathetic. No more than £150-£170 or it's just stupid.
Great for playing minesweeper at high FPS!
FHD ? seriously ?
I've got a 32“ QHD panel and the pixels are fairly chunky - 38” FHD would be like looking at pixel art!
1920 x 1080??? Eugh!