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LG shows off 88-inch 8K OLED TV ahead of CES 2018

by Mark Tyson on 2 January 2018, 11:11

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The CES 2018 doesn't kick off for another week but, as is often the case, we are starting to see pre-show teases already. One of the big draws of the CES is usually new screen technologies and larger and more vivid TV sets. LG is at the forefront of OLED TV panel production and this year will be showing off the largest and highest resolution OLED screen ever produced. In a pre-show publicity photo, via Engadget, you can see its 88-inch OLED TV offering an 8K resolution.

The previous largest OLED TV was a 77-inch model from LG, which used a 4K panel. Other TV set manufacturers using that particular 77-inch OLED panel included Sony and Panasonic. OLED display panels are renowned for their vivid colours and deep blacks as pixels are individually lit and can be turned completely off for black. Rival LED display technologies have been finessing colour reproduction and localised backlight dimming to mimic this behaviour in ever finer increments.

Even in the photos of LG's product, displayed on my PC monitor, the new 88-inch 8K TV looks stunning. However OLED isn't the undisputed king of display technologoes, South Korean rival Samsung has long shifted its focus away from OLED and is now promoting QLED TVs. QLED TVs can be significantly cheaper than OLED models thanks to the simpler and more economical production process. These QLED TVs use quantum dots for vibrant colour reproduction and are well known for excellent colour gamut reproduction and for their strong brightness capabilities. If you are watching TV in a brighter environment you might find QLED TVs offer more 'pop' than an OLED alternative. Meanwhile concerns about OLED display durability, panel fade, screen burn and so on are being addressed by new technology introduced largely by LG.

Images from Engadget.

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Holy cow!! I want some use this TV for gaming!
“Images from Engadget.”

And wording from LG and Samsung?

WOLED renowned for their vivid colours? Producing the brightest colours is one of the areas where OLED TVs are weak compared with LCDs.

'QLED' is Samsung's top model range for 2017, like SUHD was for 2016. It's not a completely new display technology as implied, although as you'd expect from top of the range TVs it does incorporate the latest tech like a quantum dot colour filter. They're definitely not well known for strong ‘brightness capabilities’, in fact they've been heavily criticised for their poor brightness control even compared to their own KS9500 from last year. The competition like Sony and Philips are producing higher brightness in real word use from their top LCD ranges.
OLED and its TRUE blackness makes QLED look like CRT and who would want to watch a movie while the sun beam is blasting through the room?
Anyone else want to shout “Get your hand off the flipping screen!”?
What the price will be for that monster? 45K?