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Taiwanese motherboard makers optimistic about AMD Ryzen

by Mark Tyson on 28 December 2016, 14:31


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Information pertaining to AMD Ryzen has raised plenty of hopes among PC enthusiasts. The initial official unveiling provided enough information for people to get their teeth into and believe in a return to the glory days of AMD CPUs. More recently AMD released some easy to digest bite-sized videos, highlighting all the positive reasons you might be interested in a new AMD processor. Then yesterday we saw a brief first review, with benchmarks, of a Ryzen engineering sample processor.

Now it seems like it's not just PC enthusiasts who can't wait for AMD Ryzen to arrive. PC motherboard makers in Taiwan are eagerly awaiting the global mass market availability of Ryzen too, according to a recent report by DigiTimes. The manufacturers are "optimistic about its high price/performance ratio...[and] have been rather aggressive about placing orders," for motherboard components, say the sources.

Motherboard design and testing operations are reportedly in the final stages and motherboard makers have a range of products with high-end X370, mainstream B350 and entry-level A320 chipsets from AMD, plus ASMedia I/O controllers.

AMD GPU optimism

Alongside the positive sentiment for upcoming Ryzen products DigiTimes notes overall optimism with regard to the AMD GPU business. AMD Polaris is making an impact and with "strong demand" seen. The industry sources think that AMD can maintain its GPU market momentum with increased shipments of its graphics cards thanks to the impending Vega GPUs.

Only yesterday AMD published what might be the first stroke of its Vega GPU marketing campaign. The official Radeon RX Twitter account published an image with the strap line "New Year - New Architecture," as you can see above.

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bring it on…
Cant come quick enough for me, money has been burning a hole in my pocket for sometime now.

Been waiting to jump on a cost effective new gaming pc powered by Ryzen/x370/Vega/DDR4, Slap in an M.2 960 Evo 1tb, thrown in a Corsair Crystal Series 460X with closed loop water cooling for cpu and suitable power supply, all to complement what i hope will be for 2017 a 30"+ Ips panel with 4ms or less response time, along with 100hz refresh rate and a freesync range of 30 to 100hz. New keyboard, mouse and speakers to complement. As for the headphones just bought two pairs hyperx cloud revolver pro, 1 for pc and 1 for xbox1 and really happy with them.

Cant bloody wait :)
As said before, I can wait till “Zen”.
My z97 with 4790K served me well,but that was the end of my Intel excursion. Back to AMD for me. Always continued to be optimistic that they would be back with a bang. Cant wait to see the MB offerings and then of course hoping that the pricing will be competitive.

Thanks AMD for delivering on my optimistic hopes. I am in the queue for sure.
Lets hope AMD do good in 2017
I'm still waiting for Bristol Ridge…