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MSI Gaming and Prestige laptops with Skylake CPUs start to ship

by Mark Tyson on 28 September 2015, 10:01


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MSI has started to ship laptops updated with Intel's latest Skylake processors. The first two ranges of MSI laptops to benefit from these updates are the Gaming range and the Prestige range of laptops. MSI notebooks receiving 6th generation Intel processor upgrades include the flagship GT72 Dominator (Pro); the ultra-slim and lightweight GS70 Stealth and GS60 Ghost; the perfectly balanced GE62 and GE72 Apache, and the design focused PX60, PE70 and PE60.

Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America claims that its new offering will "delight even the most hardcore gamer". Furnthermore its new Skylake powered range, including the Prestige series "have even more power, impressive battery life, and superb features for longer gaming and work sessions on the go," thanks to their use of the latest processors from Intel and Nvidia.

MSI's high-end GT72 Dominator features an Intel Skylake Core i7-6820HK processor, it is the first laptop on the market with this overclocking friendly chip says MSI. The GT72 Dominator specifications sent to us by MSI says that this laptops uses the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M. We are told that the recently announced Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 desktop graphics (for laptops) will be available on the GT72 Dominator Pro.

Selected gaming laptops now feature MSI's SuperRAID 4 multi-disk utilisation tech and Killer DoubleShot Pro network 'lag killer' technology. MSI has also specified ESS Sabre Hi-Fi Audio DAC in its gaming laptops. A USB Type-C connector is dubbed 'SuperPort' by MSI, and from this port users can connect up to dual 4K displays with daisy chain capability to USB 3.1 with file transfers up to 1,000MB/s while supplying up to 3A.

Another new feature heralded by MSI in its refreshed ranges of gaming and Prestige laptops is Silver-Lining Print technology by SteelSeries. This is a new kind of LED backlit keyboard which is claimed to be able to reduce eye-strain.

For in-depth details and specs concerning a particular MSI laptop model please consult the spec tables embedded below. Retailers offering the refreshed MSI laptop ranges include Newegg, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Fry's, and more.

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No thunderbolt 3?
I'll never understand why they put a lousy 128gB SSD in their high-end gaming laptops, least they've now upgraded it to a 256 in their ghost series. Now a real consideration.

Although its shame they're still shipping the 3GB gtx 970 when other laptops (gigabyte P35W for example) ships with the 6GB 970 variant. Does anyone have any experience with either of these cards/laptops? Does it make a difference?