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ASUS Transformer Book Flip Windows hybrid launched

by Mark Tyson on 2 June 2014, 11:04

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Windows 8

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ASUS today launched the Transformer Book Flip. This laptop convertible is equipped with a 360 degree rotating touch screen and can be therefore utilised as "a powerful laptop, a responsive tablet, or anything in between".

The ASUS Transformer Book Flip is powered by an Intel processor, up to an i7 chip can be specified, and it can also be configured with dedicated graphics up to and including the NVIDIA GeForce GT840M with 2GB of video memory. ASUS says this should provide enough grunt for "productivity, entertainment or playing the latest games". Furthermore there are three screen sizes to choose from which include; 13.3-inches, 14.0-inches and 15.6-inches. You can choose a panel with a screen resolution up to Full HD 1920 x 1080.

Familiar or innovative?

Hinge and screen

ASUS seems quite proud of its "cleverly-engineered" hinge design which incorporates four gears to provide smooth, stepless movement and easy adjustment - to achieve perfect positioning. As with similar designs a keyboard and trackpad lock kicks in when the Transformer Flip is in non-laptop mode, so as to avoid unwanted input.

ASUS's touch screen is said to be "incredibly accurate and responsive thanks to its high-precision 6mm-diameter actuators, which are more than twice as sensitive as the 9mm industry standard". It also incorporates ASUS Splendid colour technology.

The Transformer Book Flip uses ASUS SonicMaster audio combined with "larger speakers and resonance chambers than standard laptops" to produce the "best audio experience in its class," says ASUS. Instant On technology means that this laptop can resume in 2 seconds and also deep sleep for up to 14 days. If/when the battery charge drops below 5 per cent the in use data and files are backed up before the system closes down.

Unfortunately ASUS hasn't given us any more detailed specs than those outlined above. We should hear more about the specs, options and pricing when the Transformer Book Flip is made available worldwide towards the end of June. ASUS refers to this as a stylish, innovative and affordable device, so pricing should be keen.

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ooh …. want …. :drool:

If they can do it at a “reasonable” price then something that looks that good deserves to do well.