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Introducing Sony's first Ultrabook - the VAIO T13

by Mark Tyson on 2 May 2012, 10:15

Tags: Sony (NYSE:SNE), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Sony is comparatively late to the Ultrabook party and you will still have to wait over a month ("available from Early June 2012") to get your hands on this Sony VAIO T13. If you have been down to your local computer emporium and had a fiddle with the Ultrabooks available right now, with some plasticy efforts and some wobbly lids, you might feel the wait worthwhile. The Sony VAIO T13 promises a high specification in its robust construction along with the usual Ultrabook niceties and some Sony extras.

Sony VAIO T13

Specification of the VAIO T13 is as follows;

  • Thin, light and uncompromised robustness, with chassis made in aluminium and magnesium
  • Ready for action in seconds with Rapid Wake + Eco
  • Work for longer with up to 9 hours of battery life (SSD models)
  • Clear, bright 13” LED screen with rich colours
  • Access your data quickly with SSD or hybrid HDD/SSD
  • Generous interfaces for easy connectivity
  • Enjoy your sounds with xLOUD and Clear Phase





Intel® Core™ i3-2367M Processor (Sandy Bridge)


Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit with Service Pack 1




Hybrid storage 320GB HDD 5400rpm + 32GB SSD (The SSD module is dedicated for system responsiveness and not available for file storage)


13.3” VAIO Display (1366x768) with wide (16:9) aspect ratio


Intel® HD Graphics 3000

Optical drive



WLAN 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth® Ver. 4.0 + HS; USB 2.0 (x1), USB 3.0 with USB charge (x1); HDMI out; stereo speakers; HD Web Camera powered by ‘Exmor for PC’ (1.31 megapixels); Web, VAIO and Assist buttons; keyboard and touchpad with gesture support

Dimensions (DxHxW)

Approx. 226 x 17.8 x 323 mm


Approx. 1.6kg (with standard supplied battery)


The Ultrabook specification isn’t very tight so there are plenty of ways for manufacturers to differentiate their products. Ultrabook spec is basically as follows; a thin (20mm or less) and light laptop powered by an energy efficient Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processor with an SSD incorporated to enable instant-on and resume facilities, they natively run Windows. As a result of the power efficient hardware Ultrabooks also have good battery life.

Just as other manufacturers do, Sony has brought some of their own technological strengths to their Ultrabook line. In this case that includes sound and video quality “The VAIO T Series also delivers a richer, more entertaining audio experience that belies its slim, light looks. xLOUD and Clear Phase technologies boost volume levels without distortion for crisp, clear web chats, video clips and games.”. Also the VAIO T13 laptop comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel Exmor sensor HD web camera.

Sony VAIO T13

Most pleasing should be the construction quality of the new Ultrabook with “uncompromised robustness, with chassis made in aluminium and magnesium”. In addition to this VAIO T13 13.3 inch model there is also going to be a VAIO T11 with 11.6 inch screen but I have no further specification details for this even more portable offering.

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Given that sony have some amazing screens in laptops that are 3/5 years old, I'm incredibly disapointed.
Curious to find out if the RJ45 connection is Gigabit or not? Although i believe that Sony have taken care to make this product ‘robust’ as they have mentioned, i cant help but wonder if as per that SONY is an over rated/priced product.
Would take a Z series over one of these… 1080p screen in 13" form-factor is awesome, 720p is dull. Any mention of price?

- Just looked and you can pick up an i5/8Gb/128Gb SSD/1080p Z-series for £1009 direct from Sony. Surely that would outclass this Ultrabook, and probably not be much (£100?) more expensive.
Probably wouldn't be half as sexy.

Z series do have a somewhat utilaterian feal
Wait what? new Ultrabook and Sandy Bridge?