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iPad 2 mockup makes an appearance at CeBIT 2011

by Parm Mann on 28 February 2011, 18:34

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Apple's second-generation iPad is now just days away from an official unveil, but the pre-release leaks continue unabated.

Hiding behind closed doors at CeBIT 2011 is a mockup of the iPad 2 belonging to a premium Apple accessory manufacturer claiming to know the final specification of the upcoming device.

We've seen numerous mockups since the turn of the year, and this latest leak corroborates many of the ongoing rumours. In keeping with what's come before, the iPad 2 is said to be thinner than the existing model, with tapered edges and a flat back panel.

Along the bottom edge, a cutout provides room for a bigger speaker that's believed to be powering iPad 2's audio experience.

And, on the right edge, room for a supposed SD card slot. What's interesting is that the accessory manufacturer we spoke to seems to think that the SD card slot won't be happening in this particular refresh. That would align with what we've been hearing about Apple looking at Thunderbolt as its future iPad interface.

What's almost a certainty at this stage is the inclusion of a camera or two. This mockup, like many others, has a rear camera housed in the top-left corner and a front-facing webcam housed centrally (presumably with FaceTime support).

The manufacturer using this mockup to produce upcoming accessories wouldn't - or most probably couldn't - reveal any further details regarding the iPad 2, but if this design is anywhere near accurate, Apple's upcoming refresh could well be a minor one.

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although the differences may be minor I'd bet that there would be a lot of them which in turn would make it a viable laptop replacement (other than the lack of keyboard but if the gap for the speaker is that big it wouldn't surprise me if someone came out with a laptop like case using the gap to hold it together)
how much longer will this tablet fad last? Lets all get back to laptops ASAP. :D
Cant see laptops ever recovering, I think you will see the market shift more and more to tablets with keyboard clam shell addons to replicate the form factor of a laptop.

The only thing I think is holding back this is power and the lack of a native Windows OS that the business world is most happy to deal with.

Anyway thats just my thoughts on the subject :telephone: