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Eyes-on with Razer’s Switchblade

by Pete Mason on 9 January 2011, 02:52

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Razer

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Razer unleashed it's Switchblade mini PC concept device onto the masses at CES a few days ago and we've finally managed to get around to seeing the system for ourselves.

One of the diminutive PCs was hiding at the Intel booth as a demonstration of the forthcoming Oak Trail Atom platform. The fact that Razer chose to go with this chip is a serious endorsement, since the gaming focus will require a fair bit of graphical horse-power.

Although we weren't able to get any real specifics, we were able to snap a few photos of the device outside of its Plexiglas prison. Unfortunately they don't give a very good indication of the Switchblade's size - it's impressively small, and the screen couldn't be more than 7in diagonally - but you can see a bit more of the customisable keyboard in action.

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