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Apple to launch sexier MacBook and MacBook Pros soon?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 26 September 2008, 09:23

Tags: MacBook Pro, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Macbook Rumours abound that Apple is set to introduce new, sexier MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops

It is said that the revised 13in MacBook and 15in and 17in MacBook Pros will follow the design aesthetic laid down by the ultra-slim 13.3in MacBook Air, launched this January.

No more nasty plastic, it seems, as the 'all-new' MacBooks will purportedly feature slick aluminium casings, bringing the line up to date. Take a gander.

The svelte design is said to also do away with the bulky DVI port, replacing it with a mini-DVI, and upgrading FireWire400 to  FireWire800.

If true, we should see the new MacBooks available within a month.

What do you think? Enough to float your boat?

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Ahem, I clearly need a girlfriend!
Hey, I'm not judging! Each to their own :)
Mike Fishcake;1530015
Hey, I'm not judging! Each to their own :)

Quite, but if Tarinder ever visits my place he must stand away from any computer equipment and keep his hands out of his pockets! ;)

I'm actually tempted to try a bit of Macbookery.. I'm not really sure why as they're overpriced (don't start on me, they are!) but I've had a couple of tries with Apple stuff recently and hated it much less than I did.

Or I'll get an Eee PC. :D (Much cheaper but not as nice!)
The price will be the biggest point, there's no denying they're fantastic machines, but they're just ridiculous compared to a cheap Dell… here's hoping they introduce lower prices as well as new designs!