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ASUS' new Eee PC to have WiMAX and bigger screen

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 January 2008, 15:30

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ASUS held a press conference detailing its plans to amalgamate WiMAX technology into a slew of notebooks this year.

The event, held in conjunction with Intel and Sprint, detailed plans for a top-to-bottom WiMAX enablement through, in the main, the use of Intel's upcoming Montevina Centrino platform, which will bring with it the new Cantiga chipset and upgraded mini-PCIe communcations card - Dana Point/Echo Peak - that supports 802.16e  (WiMAX).

ASUS commented that around 15 per cent of its notebooks will be WiMAX-enabled by the end of 2008, but the most interesting announcement centred on the second-generation Eee PC with WiMAX connectivity as standard.

According to slides we saw, ASUS will be releasing three models in Q2 2008, including 7-, 8-, and 8.9in-equipped SKUs. The latter will sport a 1024x600 resolution, up from the 800x480 in first-generation models. We very much doubt that ASUS will adopt the entire Montevina platform for its low-cost wonder, though.

We further learned that Windows XP will be the OS of choice for the high-end Eee PC. What wasn't divulged by tight-lipped representatives was the estimated price. We were told it would be very attractive, but that's akin to stating how long is a piece of string, right?

If you just can't wait and want a UMPC with WiMAX integrated into it right now, look no further than the R50a (R3?), sitting atop of the 350,000-selling Eee PC.

This 500g box 'o tricks is the world's first UMPC with built-in GPS, apparently. It does have a gorgeous 5.6in screen that's capable of a lush 1024x600 resolution. Adding to the features list, it ships with dual webcams and digital TV tuner, too. Trouble is, it'll cost around £1,000.

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I want a linux Eee PC with a 1024x600 screen.

If that means no Wimax because the drivers aren't sorted then fine, give me a 8.9" model with no Wimax.

I. Do. Not. Want. WinXP. On. An. EeePC. Period!

Thanks for listening to this common sense broadcast brought to you by an utterly typical consumer.

All I would like would be a better res on the screen, other than that it's fine for me, maybe a range of external devices such as optical drives would be nice
I wonder how much Microsoft had to bribe ASUS to get them to ship Windows as standard on their higher end Eee PCs.

They must hate the idea of a usable linux laptop getting the public (not just geeks) used to the idea that linux can be a good alternative to windows.