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Razer takes aim at Oculus and HTC with new OSVR headset

by Tarinder Sandhu on 15 June 2016, 09:18

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Razer has tipped its hat back into the VR ring by unveiling an update to its Open Source VR (OSVR) project.

The original Hacker Development Kit shipped with a 1,920x1,080-resolution screen whose vital specs are beaten by the two main players, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Now, a new, updated headset, known as Hacker Development Kit 2 (HDK2), also co-developed by Razer and Sensics, is equipped with a 2,160x1,200, 90Hz OLED screen matching what's on offer elsewhere.

But the new announcement isn't just about a specification bump. Razer says it has some Image Quality Enhancer (ICE) technology that's supposed to reduce the screen-door effect which has affected earlier VR headsets. The company did not go on to say exactly what it is doing to eliminate it.

Razer clearly wants in on the burgeoning VR ecosystem and has therefore priced the HDK2 kit appropriately. Understanding that it is a development platform rather than a retail unit such as the HTC Vive, the kit will be available next month at $399, with the original HDK dropping to $299. Fancy a bite?

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Great to see another headset also conforming to open VR specifications unlike Oculus. Still too pricey for me (even more so when it's not the finished product).
Dev kit $300.
Consumer Version…. say, $850?
Nvidia tie-in version $1080
StarCraft tie-in $1800
Super-duper limited edition in Razer green $2500

Razer is never cheap and likely feels like lightweight plastic junk.
Ok so it says this is a DEV KIT not a retail one, but what does that really mean?

If you buy this for about Ā£300 surely it'll still work as a headset? Otherwise it'll be pretty pointless for developing with.
Razer usually target the premium end of the market (cost) with budget equipment (quality).

They do occasionally make decent equipment, but for a price
Another VR device? Colour me unimpressed, I'm seeing more use for AR, whereas headsets like this one seem to be pretty much gaming devices.