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Colorful set to become second-largest graphics card vendor

by Ryan Martin on 26 May 2015, 16:46

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The global graphics card market is starting to diverge from the Western European and North American trends that we at HEXUS typically deal with. In the UK brands like Asus, EVGA, MSI and Gigabyte are dominant but the global landscape is starting to change, largely driven by sales trends in Asia. A Digitimes report has revealed that Chinese firm Colorful are set to become the second largest graphics card vendor in terms of global sales for 2015, yet in Europe and North America Colorful are, for the most part, relatively unheard of.

Colorful are set to overtake Asustek, Gigabyte and MSI, sitting behind only industry hegemon Palit Microsystems. For reference, Palit overtook Asustek as the largest graphics card vendor back in 2013. According to Digitimes sources Colorful have already surpassed Gigabyte and MSI in terms of shipments so far and are expected to overtake Asustek in the second half of this year.

The global market for graphics cards has shown declining sales in recent years, only the Chinese market has held stable with high demand - a factor underpinning Colorful's success. Chinese graphics card shipments number 16-17 million units a year which accounts for over 50 per cent of global volume. Colorful sits alongside Galaxy (Palit) and Zotac as one of the big three in the Chinese graphics card market.

Digitimes also speculates that Colorful is making similar moves into the motherboard business, using its increasing reputation with graphics cards to help drive motherboard sales. Industry sources apparently believe that Colorful "may become a big threat to Asustek and Gigabyte also in the motherboard market".

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So if the Chinese market slows down it means the discrete card market is even more screwed!!
Interesting. On this side of the mud puddle, Palit, while not unknown, is seldom, if ever, mentioned in conversations about which company to buy from, and Colorful, while again not being an unknown, has always sort of been considered the dollar store brand (not sure if you have a similar thing in the UK or not, but in the most general of terms, it means that every product in the store, regardless of what category it is, costs $1.00 - and you don't typically get what you pay for.)

Usually, the big names here are EVGA and MSI. Maybe another big player in the game can help drive down the prices.
Becoming the biggest vendor of graphics cards in the future doesn't mean it'll have the best quality components. I'll stick with what I know for now, with brands like Gigabyte, ASUS, and EVGA.
I wonder why Asian countries seem to use naff names, the old name for LG was “Lucky Goldstar”.

I think they realised it didn't sound great, lets say it didn't inspire confidence and dropped it for plain old LG with the odd signature of “Life's Good”.

COLORFUL also sounds cheap, maybe that is what it is, how else can you get such huge sales.
I wouldn't risk the possible hassle of buying one, I will stick to the quality I know.
I also could be wrong, but until I see some reviews, I'm staying.
They use “naff” names because in their culture they're not “naff”. Obviously. Surely - I mean SURELY - you're not unaware that different cultures see the world in different ways and so find different names, images and concepts appealing.

When they're ready to challenge the established brands and move into Western markets for real, they'll use names which appeal to Western customers. Until then they'd be seriously dimwitted to do so.