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Origin PC systems to be powered exclusively by Nvidia GPUs

by Mark Tyson on 5 October 2013, 20:45


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Origin PC is a well known systems builder based in the US, also with branches in Australia and Hong Kong. The firm specialises in gaming systems and these systems have, over the years, won many awards from the likes of Anandtech, CNet and Playboy magazine. Earlier in the week we revealed Origin PC is on board with Nvidia and will be producing 4K gaming systems under the Nvidia Battle Box GeForce GTX label. Now it has been revealed that Origin PC is going to go 100 per cent over to the green team – “going forward, all Origin PC computers will contain Nvidia graphics chips,” reports Polygon games magazine.

Kevin Wasielewski, co-founder and CEO of Origin PC, wrote about the reasons for the move in an email. “Origin PC is dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers and right now that is with Nvidia GPUs. It's not about brand loyalty or marketing; our loyalty is 100 percent to our customers,” he explained.

Other factors influencing the PC maker’s decision were said to be “requests from Origin's own support staff, as well as specific concerns with the performance, stability and driver support of AMD graphics hardware,” wrote Polygon. Obviously an impartial observer can see how this move will benefit support staff that will, in the future, have a less diverse set of PCs to trouble-shoot.

Further information about the background to Origin PC’s decision to exclusively equip Nvidia GPUs was provided by Alvaro Masis, a technical support manager at Origin. “Primarily the overall issues have been stability of the cards, overheating, performance, scaling and the amount of time to receive new drivers on both desktop and mobile GPUs,” said Masis.

This move by Origin PC is, at the very least, a big PR blow to AMD in the large US market. We have also just heard that the Steam Machine prototypes will be exclusively Nvidia GPU equipped machines. However AMD might be able to blow this bad news out of the water very soon if its latest graphics card range hits the right performance and price sweetspots. Also with AMD’s APUs in the upcoming next generation consoles a lot of big name games (like Battlefield 4) are going to be optimised better for the red team, using GCN and Mantle. It will be very interesting to see how long Origin PC's green team allegiance lasts.

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How long will it be until EA sues this company for trademark infringement?
Iirc, AMD powers both of the new consoles (and the Wii, if you want to lump that into this generation), so I don't think they're gonna hurt TOO badly. ;)
Never heard of them. Don't give a s**t about them.
SteamBoxes are all going to use NVIDIA because AMD hates open-source software and SteamOS (what all the boxes will run on) runs on Linux, which is open-source. To be fair, NVIDIA doesn't seem to like open-source much but when SteamOS was announced NVIDIA suddenly decided to devote more resources to Linux devs. AMD shrugged. NVIDIA's closed-source Linux driver works great and their open-source driver…well, that one is a work in progress. AMD's open-source driver is at about the same level as NVIDIA's but their closed source drivers pretty much suck too. So between that and the complete lack of reaction to the SteamOS and Linux news, why would Steam even want to assemble AMD-based Linux machines?
Seems odd they're having issues so badly they've decided to drop AMD, afaik it's not an issue you see in the public.