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Colorful plays with fire, plans passive GeForce GTX 680

by Parm Mann on 27 June 2012, 12:33

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We don't hear from Chinese manufacturer Colorful all that often, but when we do it tends to be with a product that's a little bit different to the norm.

This time around, the unorthodox producer of NVIDIA cards is touting a GeForce GTX 680 that's passively cooled.

The card, dubbed the iGame GTX 680, takes NVIDIA's fastest single GPU and sandwiches it between two giant aluminium heatsinks that are tasked with drawing heat away from the core without the aid of noise-creating fans.

How well it works remains to be seen, but Colorful isn't taking any chances and includes a total of 20 heatpipes (including the six 8mm-thick heatpipes used in the heatsink-connecting bridge) combined with a massive 240 aluminium fins.

Such an extreme solution obviously eats up a few expansion slots, but there's no mention of how much the card weighs and Colorful hasn't yet divulged clock speeds. Heck, whether or not it'll come to retail at all is a bit of a mystery, but if it does we hope it comes bundled with a decent warranty and a "please don't overclock me" sticker.

Source: expreview.com

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At the very least it looks boss.
They should of had the second heatsink be attached by both the connector they currently use and be touching the other end of the PCB screwing into the primary heatsink sandwiching the PCB between the two heatsinks. Just by having a fan suck air away from the back of my GPU reduced Furmark temps by 4 degrees, having a heatsink touching the surface should be a lot more efficient.
Will they offer different colours other than the blue? :D

I dread to think how much it would weigh, some extra support for the card may be in order methinks.
Wow, OTT cooler…
Stupid - surely could have easily used the extra space to put in a large heatsink cooled by multiple quiet fans. Actually although it's nowhere near in the same league, my current 460OC and previous 8800GTX weren't exactly loud - more of a low freq “whooshing” noise that was, dare I say it, quite restful! ;)