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Sapphire launches passive HD 7750 Ultimate graphics card

by Parm Mann on 28 February 2012, 09:30

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Folks weren't exactly queuing up to buy AMD's Radeon HD 7750, but the baby in the 7000-series range always had potential; we all agreed it had the makings of a good passively-cooled card.

We've been wondering who would bite first and it turns out it's Sapphire with the launch of the HD 7750 Ultimate.

Introduced as the latest incarnation of the company's silent Ultimate line, the 7750 variant sports a meaty heatsink that vows to cool the Cape Verde Pro GPU with no airflow other than what's provided by your chassis.

The lack of a GPU fan of course makes this a no-noise solution, and Sapphire's not shy in talking up its HTPC potential. According to the manufacturer, the HD 7750 Ultimate is "believed to be the fastest passively cooled 128-bit graphics card on the market," and with integrated HDMI 1.4a it'll happily support stereoscopic 3D as well as next-generation 4K displays.

There's no mention of pricing just yet - or indeed how well the cooler performs - but Sapphire reckons the HD 7750 will be making an appearance at various retailers any minute now. Is passive cooling enough to make the 7750 more attractive? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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And the price is..? If it's below €100 we might have a winner in passive cooling market. Not so much in low profile for HTPC.
They've got a ninja on the box. That's like, so cool, like, because ninjas are awesome and deadly and like, silent, just like this card. That's so cool and brill I can't believe they thought of that. Ninjas.
Intrigued, it will be nice to see just how good the temps are. A fairly powerful passively cooled card could sit well in a small system.
The card looks an absolute fail. Why does an HD7750 need such a huge cooler?? WTF??

HD4670 Ultimate - 59W TDP

HD5670 Ultimate - 61W TDP

HD6670 Ultimate - 66W TDP

HD7750 Ultimate - 55W TDP

The HD7750 consumes less power than an HD6670:


The HD7750 is very close to a GT430 in power consumption and without the fan will probably consume a similar amount of power.

Passive GT430 cards

So basically,instead of a cooler which is longer and taller than the PCB,the HD7750 could have a single or dual slot cooler which is the same area as the PCB.
I suspect the huge heatsink is for extreme bods like yours truly who also run passive PSU, passive CPU heatsink and (normally) no case fans. My current 86w 5750 with an accelero S1 environment can get unstable if I do a lot of gaming (hour plus of Skyrim) unless I manually switch the 120mm rear fan on just a smidgen (temporarily).

I'd expect that heatsink to be able to cope with an 80 watt higher end part though, so the pairing seems a bit odd - IMO they should stick it on a 7770