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HIS releases Radeon HD 6450 Silence 2GB

by Steven Williamson on 15 December 2011, 14:01

Tags: HiS Graphics

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Targeting entry-level systems, HIS has today released the latest of its graphics cards, in the form of the HIS 6450 Silence 2GB.

The card is Eyefinity ready and features a low profile design and a passive heatsink, making it attractive to HTPC users. It features 160 Stream processors, uses DDR3 memory and is clocked at 1 GHz (data rate) with the GPU operating at a frequency of 625MHz.

It includes all the usual video outputs including VGA, dual-link DVI and HDMI 1.4a, though it’s worth noting there isn't a DisplayPort connector.

Product Code H645H2GD1
EAN Code 4895139006742
Cooler Heatsink
GPU 6450
Core Clock 625 MHz
Memory Clock 1000 MHz
Memory Size 2048 MB
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Interface 64 bit
Interface PCI-Express x1
Box Dimension 16.75 x 23.54 x 4.76 cm (HxWxD)

For further technical information visit: HIS Digital. The HIS 6450 Silence 2GB should also be on sale at SCAN shortly. It currently retails at $60 in the US, but we're still waiting for official UK pricing.

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What exactly is the point in putting 2GB of memory on this card?

Is it purely just to trick novice PC builders into thinking they're getting a better card than they really are?

After all, everyone knows what a GB is but not so many will know what a stream processor is.
Interface | PCI-Express x1

Image shows a x16 card?
Thanks DDY!
Steven W;2216549
Thanks DDY!

:D My pleasure, but guess what?

… there isn't a DisplayPort connector.

Updated photo shows a Display Port connector :clapping:

EDIT: But back on topic, with the x1 PCIe connection I'm actually interested in getting one for my HP MicroServer because I've got a RAID card in the x16 slot.
2GB….so how much would it have cost if they had stuck 512MB on it instead?