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Colorful works on new GTX 560 Ti SKU

by Navin Maini on 27 October 2011, 15:55

Tags: Colorful

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Colorful is busy preparing its GeForce GTX 560 Ti iGame graphics card.



The PCB itself is apparently almost as long as a GF110-based one, and power delivery comes courtesy of an 8-phase VRM. With three 6-pin power connectors, the board can apparently enjoy up to 300W of juice. and is also kitted-out with driver-MOSFETs and high-grade chokes.



There's no word on clock speeds, but with all that power at hand, the GTX 560 Ti iGame is expected to pack quite the factory-overclocked punch.

The cooling solution appears to be quite the beast too, and looks like a dual-fan setup with multiple heatpipes. There's also a backup EEPROM chip, and what is apparently a mini PCIe slot on the front of the PCB. In addition, there's apparently something that resembles a SODIMM slot on the back of the PCB, but no word (yet) on what functions it will perform.

Image Source: techPowerUp!

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3 x 6-pin connectors? Seems a tad odd.

Good luck if you want to SLI them…I really do not trust those molex > PCI-E adapters.

But that heatsink does look very nice…
Ti iMan. Howay with ya Geordie technology.