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HIS launches IceQ-cooled Radeon HD 4850

by Parm Mann on 4 August 2008, 14:11

Tags: Sapphire RADEON HD 4850 , HiS Graphics

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Custom-cooled AMD Radeon HD 4850 graphics cards are beginning to appear from the usual suspects, and the latest is the HIS HD 4850 IceQ 4.

The card, pictured below, features the forth-generation of IceQ cooling technology. HIS claims that the newly-designed double-slot fans and larger heatsink surface provide a 20 per cent increase in cooling performance.

Unfortunately, that vastly-improved cooling performance isn't enough for HIS to give the card a bump in speed. It'll feature a standard core speed of 625MHz and its 512MB of GDDR4 will feature an effective clock of 1,968MHz.

Unlike Sapphire's TOXIC Radeon HD 4850, the HIS IceQ 4 uses a dual-slot design to dissipate heat from the GPU and pump it out of your chassis.

There's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but it shouldn't be too far away. It'll no doubt cost more than your average Radeon HD 4850, but pushing hot air out of your PC can only be a good thing.

Official product page: hisdigital.com

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Finally a decent one…. hopefully it will be competitively priced to give the 9800gtx/+ some real competition…
Looks interesting :)
I already got a sapphire, but, tbh if its any more than Ā£140 its not worth it :/
Wait for the turbo version if you want a speed boost, but this looks nice. Now all we need are several UK retailers to stock them…
£140 is more than the superior 9800gtx+! £120 max would be competitive… ideally less though because the 9800gtx which comes with a decent cooler can be had for less than that!

I reckon the turbo version (or this version if its the “top” one) will cost £150 though, these after market coolers always cost a big premium…
IceQ always carry a premium for their DHES style cooling, however they have very little room to manoeuvre since the HD4870 will be around £160 soon.