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Revamped AMD Radeon logo appears in Godfall game trailer

by Mark Tyson on 15 June 2020, 12:11


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PC enthusiasts are on tenterhooks, awaiting Zen 3 and RDNA 2. The latter will arguably have the greatest impact on the PC gaming and enthusiasts market - as Zen 2 is already a big success, while the success of RDNA (1) has been at a smaller scale.

With AMD readying to level up its graphics, via the long awaited and highly anticipated Big Navi / Navi 2x / RDNA 2 GPUs, it might seem like a good time to revamp the branding and identity, and that is, it seems, what AMD has been working on too.

Twitterer Casmoden spotted AMD's latest iteration of the Radeon logo in the closing credits of the Godfall game, released for the PC Gaming Show 2020. The change is pretty easy to describe: AMD is using the familiar Ryzen font to spell out Radeon.

You could read a lot into the change if you wished. For example, you might think that AMD is showing it has great faith and hopes for RDNA 2 GPUs, so much so that it would risk the potential tarnishing of its Ryzen brand.

We have heard AMD will utilise RDNA 2 throughout its entire graphics product stack, from halo GPUs, though mid-range and entry level, and APUs too. That is a refreshing change and indicator that it has confidence in its next GPU step. A new logo design will help differentiate these products and draw a line under them too.

There were signs that this redesign has been on the way for some months. Scott Herkelman, CVP & GM of AMD Radeon, admitted that a 'reunion' of Ryzen and Radeon brands would be a welcome move, back in March (scroll up from the above linked Twitter thread).

VideoCardz has put together a collection of the Radeon logos we have seen over the years, with the newest version on the top. I've embedded that image above for your nostalgic pleasure.

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Damn you AMD, i will probably have to put a post-it on the top of my screen saying “ your 5700XT are good enough for what you need”
Godfall looks just like Kingdoms of Amalur..
Does it bug anyone else that the “O” doesn't have the same gap that the R, D, and E do?
Does it bug anyone else that the “O” doesn't have the same gap that the R, D, and E do?

The Radeon Pro 5600M in laptops from that fruit brand,,,,,, look good :) if that was available in a PC laptop in a month or so i might be interested in going for that over just the APU,,,,, which really is all i need.
should be able to run this game on a 1080p laptop, and not look completely rubbish due to low GFX settings.