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Dr Lisa Su reconfirms Big Navi GPU product releases in 2020

by Mark Tyson on 20 January 2020, 10:11


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Last week, as a postscript to the story about 'Big Navi' GPUs being spotted in the Eurasian Economic Commission databases online, I wrote about the confirmation delivered in a CES 2020 Q&A by the AMD CEO. In brief, Dr Lisa Su agreed with a questioner asking if AMD should have a high-end Navi product in the discrete graphics market. Just ahead of the weekend AMD's 'The Bring Up' news vlog shared an interview with Dr Su where she reaffirmed a commitment to releasing 'Big Navi' in 2020.

The above vlog touches on quite a few subjects that may be of interest, so you could watch through the full 16 and a half minutes. The AMD CEO interview starts at just over 2mins in, but you can go straight to the 'Hot Gossip' section of the video which starts at 9 minutes 55s. This section contains the headlining news about high-end Navi graphics cards.

Dr Lisa Su told the presenters "I said 2020 was going to be a huge year for us and I'm really excited," before recapping the CES announcements that were made earlier in the month; Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, Ryzen 4000 Series mobile processors, and the Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card. "But this is just the beginning in 2020," enthused the CEO, before admitting there is lots of talk on social media about 'Big Navi'. "And I can say you're going to see 'Big Navi' in 2020," she confirmed.

Zen 3 doing really well

Straight after the Big Navi chat in the video above, Su said "There might be a few people wondering about Zen 3, as well, we're really excited about it, and I look forward to talking more about that later in 2020". Sadly that information bone isn't very meaty. However, on Saturday, Twitter leakster Komachi shared an interesting link to some software developments with some references to Zen 3.

EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) family ops code has been added to the Linux kernel for the Family 19h systems. Current Zen 2 microarchitecture CPUs belong to Family 17h systems. We will have to wait for desktop Ryzen 4000 Series processors to deliver Zen 3 to consumers. Remember the mobile APUs code numbers are a step ahead and they already are at the 4000 Series but are based upon Zen 2 CPU cores.

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But the problem is so is Nvidia Ampere with promises of 30-50% better performance.
They missed the momentum.
But the problem is so is Nvidia Ampere with promises of 30-50% better performance.
They missed the momentum.

*IF* Nvidia Ampere delivers that performance across the lineup. Like any company, Nvidia does tend to be selective with how it describes/leaks upcoming products. Until Ampere-based/Big-Navi products actually release it isn't going to be possible to decide who will win.
I reckon that performance uptake will apply to RTX. Actual horsepower, the bit that counts (because 30-50% still means 1440p RTX, if that), will be 20-30%. Although I hope to be wrong, I've just kinda lost faith in nvidia.

And you can bet the price will get bumped too.
But the problem is so is Nvidia Ampere with promises of 30-50% better performance.
They missed the momentum.

1) Ampere is ages away
2) AMD are looking at a lot greater than 30-50% better performance in say, ray tracing ;)
Well AMD did hit Intel hard… THEY also could hit Nvidia hard… either way I wish they get cornered down like that, but not so much for being on Team Red or Green here to be honest… it is more about the prices being dragged down in the process = we get better products, lower cost, more performance and quality boosts per generation instead of this holding it back thing.