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PALIT plunders GALAXY Technology - one less partner to worry about?

by Willy Deeplung on 29 February 2008, 16:23

Tags: GALAXY Technology, Galaxy

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One of NVIDIA's lesser-known partners is GALAXY Technology, formed in 1994 by a couple of (perhaps disgruntled?) ex-employees of industry giant PC Partner.

GALAXY specialises in releasing overclocked-out-of-the-box NVIDIA SKUs all the way through from 8400 GS to GeForce 8800 Ultra.

However, we now hear that GALAXY has been boxed up and been put on a pallet, bought and paid for. Rather, the egregiously bad allusion refers to Palit purchasing GALAXY Technology.

GALAXY is relatively strong in eastern Europe and Russia; Palit isn't, so we can see the reasoning behind the acquisition. Palit will benefit from GALAXY's overclocking mojo, too.

What'll change? Nothing in the short term, of course, but we should see a broader range of GALAXY-branded cards in the UK.

Ever owned a GALAXY product? Was it good, was it bad? Let us know in the forums.


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I read that Palit had an overstock of GPUs & needed a way to shift them but that there nVidia contract didn't allow them to be resold > buy another AIB.

I had a Galaxy 6800GT & it was a nice card until it died but it was replaced by another Galaxy 6800GT with no problem by the vendor.
My 8800GT is a Palit, nice cooler, not too loud, but a pain in the backside that i can't check the temperature of it.
Got a Palit 9600gt coming tomorrow - never owned a Galaxy though.

Will let you know about the Palit.

(I hadn't heard of Palit before the 9xxx-gen nVidia's, I must admit. If they're buying Galaxy, hopefully they're a bona fide company, after all…)
Cant say ive heard of either companies until quite recently :s
Palit are a major brand in the Far East - they also own the Gainward brand.