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Sapphire launches TOXIC Radeon HD 3870

by Parm Mann on 21 February 2008, 12:55

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It's said to be TOXIC but it is safe to handle

Sapphire has today added a new flavour to its Radeon HD 3870 offerings in the form of the HD 3870 TOXIC - now available globally.

The TOXIC brings single-slot cooling to the HD 3870 by utilising the Sapphire-exclusive Vapor-x cooler - which incidentally is already available on Sapphire's HD 3870 Atomic.

With its more efficient and supposedly quieter cooling, the TOXIC card comes pre-overclocked and Sapphire claims it offers enthusiasts the opportunity to push it that little bit further - it just so happens to be slightly less overclocked than the HD 3870 Atomic mind you.

The single slot design - like the HD 3870 Atomic - should also help you easily cram a couple of these into a CrossFire configuration, we'll call that process "getting inTOXICated" - get it? Never mind.

Sapphire HD 3870 TOXIC

The HD 3870 TOXIC, pictured above, offers 512MB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 1152MHz and its GPU is clocked at 800MHz, just a touch lower than Sapphire's HD 3870 Atomic which carries a GPU clock of 825MHz. CrossFire fans should be aware that right now only two of these cards can be daisy-chained together. A future driver release will let you hook-up up to four of these.

No official word on pricing just yet, but expect it to start showing up any moment now. Don't ask why Sapphire has released a slightly slower alternative to its HD 3870 Atomic, we just presume the HD 3870 TOXIC will be that little bit cheaper.

Official press release: SAPPHIRE HD 3870 goes TOXIC!

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