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AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su talks about Zen+ processor development

by Mark Tyson on 18 December 2015, 10:36


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At the at the Credit Suisse 19th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference earlier this month AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su confirmed that the company is working on several generations to succeed Zen. A high-end Zen+ processor is said to be in the works, aimed at datacentre applications, but it will be a three to five year effort to see it released.

AMD's Zen processors are expected to become available next year. It difficult to know when the first new architecture processors will arrive; we have seen notice that AM4 motherboards supporting Zen could be launched in March but AMD will also be launching compatible seventh generation A-Series Desktop APUs to make use of these motherboards. Previously all signs pointed to a Q4 2016 launch/release for Zen processors.

Here's the full quote by Dr Su (via WCCF Tech), which is a response to a question about AMD's Zen datacentre plans:

"I think Zen is the first of a multi-year strategy so you know again you ask me what are my thoughts around the company I think AMD at our core we are a high performance computing company and so you know Zen is a from scratch architectural design, for those of us who do those you know it takes a lot of work. It’s a multi-year effort but I think it’s a multi-year effort that we can see coming to fruition. And so what datacenter customers want from us is one we want you to be competitive and two we want a long term roadmap. And so we’ve really talked about Zen+, Zen follow ons, as you know a three to five year view of what’s needed to be successful in the datacenter."

You can see a video from the AMD Financial Analyst Day where CTO Mark Papermaster talks about a sustained development of the Zen architecture and promises that Zen will not be "a flash in the pan," without follow-up.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12

AMD has released a new graphics driver. The Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12 is pretty much identical to the 15.11.1 update driver but carries Microsoft WHQL certification. It has the same resolved and known issues listed in the release notes.

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It has the same resolved and known issues listed in the release notes.

not quite, the 2 new resolved issues are at the top of the list and the known issues list has tripled :p
I can't wait to see drop in CPU prices……NVIDIA & INTEL will run for the little cash.
at this rate by the time amd releases consumer priced products (i5 level, not enthusiast level) intel will be a step ahead as usual
Bearing in mind bintel's pathetic performance over the last few generations, it is impossible to understand why bintel fanboys are brainwashed to believe bintel cpu's will be one step ahead. TBH, fail-lake only showed 3% IPC improvement over has-been (and has-been showed only 5% IPC improvement over ivybridge). Bearing in mind IPC gains, Zen will be circa 8% to 12% faster in IPC gains over fail-lake. So bintel will be at least one generation behind Zen. By the time bintel catch up with Zen, AMD will have already released the Zen+ (which will have 10% IPC gain over Zen). The questions to ask is if/when bintel catch up with Zen, will next gen bintel cpu's still be plagued by problems that hit the 4790K (poor power delivery and over-heating) and the 6600K and 6700K bending and warping under the feather weight of even AIO cooling plates because bintel skimped on QC and opted for the thinner/cheaper silicon wafers yet had the bare faced audacity to charge in excess of Ā£300 for their lame quad core 6700K?.
analv - you are talking absolute rubbish.