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AMD’s 45W TDP A10-6700T is expected to be launched shortly

by Mark Tyson on 21 August 2013, 15:03


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A couple of new APUs will be added to AMD’s Richland lineup next week according to WCCF-Tech. AMD will release the A10-6700T and the A8-6500T, with the ‘T’ suffix denoting the energy efficient design with a 45W TDP, with no reduction in core-count compared with their similarly named but non ‘T’ suffixed brethren.

These ‘T’ APUs with their lower TDPs should perform better in systems where cooling solutions have less room to do their job, in small living room friendly designed HTPC systems for example. Both the A10-6700T and the A8-6500T are quad-core ‘Piledriver’ processors based upon 32nm Richland silicon.

AMD A8-6500T

This quad-core APU will have a base clock of 2.1GHz but we don’t know what the exact TurboCore frequency will be. It is equipped with a 4MB L2 cache and a Radeon HD 8550D GPU with 256 Stream processors. The GPU portion has a base clock of 720MHz. The list price of this chip is unknown.

AMD A10-6700T

This quad-core APU will have a base clock of 2.5GHz with a TurboCore frequency of 3.5GHz. It is equipped with a 4MB L2 cache and a Radeon HD 8650D GPU with 384 Stream processors. The GPU portion has a base/boost clock of 760/844MHz. The list price of this chip is US$150.

The non ‘T’ suffixed version of the AMD A10-6700 was already thought to be “the pick of the bunch” in the HEXUS labs because it is practically as fast as the top of the line A10-6800K, yet much less power hungry. Now that the A10-6700T is reported to be released for sale this week (or next week), it will be interesting to see what these core clock speed reductions, from 3.7GHz to 2.5GHz, do to the real-world performance. Also will many people be attracted to these upcoming lower clocked 45W TDP APUs?

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Finally they get it.
It is certainly a good part; pleanty of horsepower for most people, attractive TDP and no fiddling with undervolting. That said, I'd still go for the 6700 since that strikes a better balance between core clock and TDP for me. AMD should have called the 45W part the 6600 or something rather than add a T, since that is pretty much the same distinction between the 6700 and 6800.
These would be great for my HTPC if I didn't already have a A10-5800K. You can achieve lower TDP with the 100/65W APUs by under-clocking them. I'm sure they'll be very attractive as long as AMD doesn't charge a premium for them, they need to be cheaper than the standard A10/A8's otherwise people can just under-clock those for a similar result. Now what most HTPC enthusiasts who like a bit of gaming would really love is an APU based on the PS4/XB1 chips. 8x Jaguar cores with 768 or 1152 stream processors, that would something to get excited about! Faster DDR4/5 system RAM would need to come along before that happens though & I suppose AMD would be afraid of cannibalising discrete card sales. Although for the ITX market you can't fit discrete cards in anyway.
I think I'll hold out for Kaveri for my next silent/quiet system.. Hopefully it will live up to the hype in some respects.
£150 / $150 is close to a a 7770GPU and Athlon 2 x 4 651, Other than the obvious Wattage difference , I wonder what the performance difference is.