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AMD Trinity A10-5800K APU overclocked to 7.3GHz

by Mark Tyson on 4 October 2012, 16:50


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Overclocking enthusiasts have already been hard at work with the new AMD Trinity desktop APU chips. reports that considerable overclocks of the newly available range of processors have already been achieved. With air cooling the AMD A10-5800K managed to reach 5.1GHz and with the superior cooling provided by liquid nitrogen speeds of over 7.3GHz were breached. explains that to achieve the 7.3177 GHz clock speed two of the A10-5800K’s cores were disabled. A standard AMD A10-5800K APU has four cores and runs at a clock speed of 3.8GHz able to Turbo clock to 4.2GHz as the system demands.

AMD’s Trinity APUs are manufactured using a 32nm process and use Piledriver cores. HEXUS has had an AMD A10-5800 in the lab for a while and we have undertaken the following in-depth reviews;

Tarinder notes that out own AMD A10-5800K sample was a little disappointing as it only reached 4.5GHz with air cooling before instability started to show its ugly yet all too familiar face. While our own overclocking required a voltage bump to 1.45V to attain 4.5GHz, the guys over at noted that voltages of 1.616V (air) and 1.956V (liquid nitrogen) were used to achieve their headlining overclocks.

Of course achieving these overclocking frequencies is largely academic, yet is some indication of the headroom you have for a few home tweaks; not many end users are going to go to such lengths as deactivating half the CPU to achieve a higher clock! If you do want to overclock your Trinity APU remember to disable Turbo Mode in the BIOS otherwise your results will be throttled, say AMD.

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Unfortunately I have no continuous supply of liquid nitrogen, nor do I suspect that a 32nm CPU will live a long happy life at 1.956V.
“If you do want to overclock your Trinity APU remember to disable Turbo Mode in the BIOS otherwise your results will be throttled, say AMD.”

So you can't turbo/offset OC like with intel? If so that's a real shame. I dread to think how much electricity I wasted running my old phenom II 955 at full overclock whenever it was on.
I'm pretty sure you could still run cool n quiet (so it clocked down whilst idle), just not Turbo. I don't think you can change the Turbo offset at all, so presumably if you leave that mode on it will try to ramp up the voltage and clockspeed, hammer through the TDP limit (as you're already overvolted), and panic throttle the CPU…
My car runs much much faster when Liquid Nitrogen is introduced as well. Not for long though :-) Irrelevant news IMO. What's next? Pentium G or Celeron beating this record? Nissan Micra racing with Nissan GTR in a freefall?
isnt there anything like phenom msr tweeker for this ? much more control over the voltage and clock speeds