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Ivy Bridge mass shipments delayed by Intel until June

by Steven Williamson on 17 February 2012, 11:20

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Though Intel was all set to release the bulkload of its Ivy Bridge chips in April, it’s now been confirmed that mass shipments of the third-generation Core processor won’t begin until June.

Apparently, the delay is due to Intel still having a large inventory of Sandy Bridge processors in stock, but also because vendors are struggling to sell current-generation notebooks.

Though Intel still plans to release a small amount of chips in April, holding off on larger shipments until later in the year will give vendors the chance to sell more of their existing stock to make space for the new hardware.

The delay could affect hardware manufacturers, who may also have to delay the release of their products, though it’s likely that Intel has put some processors aside for its major partners in April.

Though we’ve already seen some modest price-cuts of current-gen notebooks in the UK, it’s likely they’ll be further promotions over the coming months to shed the surplus stock.

Digitimes reports that Intel has spoken to its partners informing them of the delay.

This week, Intel released its quad-core i7-3820 chip, which runs at 3.60GHz and features a 10MB cache, Turbo Boost and Hyperthreading. Check out the HEXUS review to see how we rated its budget-priced processor.

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Does this mean I'll be able to pick up a cheap 2500k soon?
Does this mean I'll be able to pick up a cheap 2500k soon?

If the recent launch of the Core i5 2550K is anything to go by,NO!
Doh! I know I am only one potential customer, but I've been putting off buying a new PC because I'm waiting for Ivy bridge (and Win8 (intedned to try the pre-release), and Keppler (which was going to be an upgrade when available). Each and any delay simply makes it more and more likely I'll cut the faff and wait for the full Win8 and set it up ‘properly’ all at once now. So their delay will equate to a slightly longer delay in my purchase. One thing it most certainly does not do is encourage me to buy from the old lineup instead of waiting.

PS - Some companies I know are holding back their roll-out of upgrades until Ivy Bridge too (I've no idea where they stand on Win8 - they've only decided to like Win7 for urgent upgrades in the last 6 months).
Oh….the waiting game…..grr :P
Sandy Bridge is already a ridiculously fast chip - I can't think of a current situation where you would need Ivy Bridge instead.