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AMD launches lowest-power Fusion chips yet

by Scott Bicheno on 1 June 2011, 15:16


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How low can you go?

AMD has already managed to get its Fusion processors into a tablet, but the Acer W500 used a C-50, which requires 9 watts of power. This is probably still too much to offer the degree of portability and battery life required to take on tablets based on mobile chips such as the iPad and Xoom.

At Computex 2011 AMD unveiled what it's calling its 2011 HD Tablet Platform, which in effect means a new chip family - the Z-series. This uses the same Bobcat CPU core as the previously launched Fusion chips, but they've managed to get the TDP down to 5.9W.

A product has already been launched, this time from MSI called the WindPad 110W, containing the Z-01 chip, which has two Bobcat cores clocked at 1 GHz and Radeon 6250 graphics. MSI also launched the WindPad 100A (which we believe runs the Tegra 2 SoC), and is seems to be following Acer's naming convention of indication the OS - W for Windows and A for Android.

We gather there's also a WindPad 120W with an Intel Cedar Trail chip in it, further evidence if true that Oak Trail has been a fleeting experience. We've seen no indications of pricing or availability of any of these WindPads.

There's not a lot more info available right now, but you can see a couple of slides from the announcement below. The new Z-series platform is codenamed Desna.




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