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Intel Alder Lake processor images shared from the factory

by Mark Tyson on 7 October 2021, 11:11

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel has shown off the first official Alder Lake processor product photo. It looks like Executive Vice President & GM of Intel's Client Computing Group, Gregory M Bryant is still touring various Intel manufacturing facilities, but this time around he hasn't had to delete his Tweet for being too revealing (I'm referring back to the Thunderbolt 5 slide, seen in Bryant's business trip photos back in August).

"Coming soon to PCs globally: #12thGen Intel Core processors," Bryant Tweeted alongside the photo shown above. "We can't wait to show you the experiences they unlock! #IntelOn" The Intel Innovation digital event (IntelOn) is scheduled for Wednesday 27th –Thursday 28th October. It is currently expected that availability will begin a week after the launch event.

In the image above, and the non-scaled cent crop below, you can see an Intel engineer holding two Alder Lake desktop processors, and we can see the new elongated form of the processor package from front and back. We can't make out any inscription on the heatspreader, nor make any insightful comments on the view of the underside of the chip. For more technical ADL info, it is best to look back at the material released officially at the Architecture Day event in mid-August. The HEXUS editor penned several pages of Alder Lake CPU analysis in the wake of that event.

Recent ADL-leaks

With launch being relatively near, we have naturally seen a few Alder Lake leaks. On Monday we saw Amazon UK pricing for the first salvo of ADL-S parts that are being prepared for release. It is also worth looking back at the SiSoft Sandra Intel Core i9-12900K performance preview from late September.

If you want some more sneak peeks into things to come, in recent hours there have been some Intel Alder Lake productivity benchmarks shared by Puget Systems, which garnered a surprised reaction from tech analyst Dylan Patel.

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Nice. I could use a new grill.
Smacks of desperation a bit….
That Puget benchmark (linked in post) is quite comical because unless things have changed recently most adobe software only really uses 8 cores…and it was done on windows 11 which has an amd performance bug.
Not to mention we all know that AMD have an update coming ‘soon’ which will likely be faster than current cpus.

This does all seem like pandering to shareholders to make sure they don't complain too much.