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Latest AIDA64 boasts Radeon RX 570/580 & 16C/32T Ryzen support

by Mark Tyson on 6 April 2017, 15:01


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Sometimes developers can be a little too laser-focussed upon their own travails to worry about minor details such as NDAs, or other insider knowledge. A case in point came to light today when FinalWire, the developers of the respected AIDA64 benchmarking toolset released a new beta version of the AIDA64 Extreme software (Version: 5.90.4208 beta (Apr 04, 2017)).

The release notes of this freshly updated app detailed some interesting new hardware support additions. Unfortunately, the page has since been edited to remove the premature hardware references, but luckily the full bullet pointed list has been preserved by sites like Tweaktown. Below you will find the unedited release notes bullet point list from before FinalWire's hasty edits:

  • System Stability Test / new page for unified readings
  • System Stability Test / warning message when TdrDelay is too short
  • improved Windows product type detection
  • improved chipset information for Intel Skylake-E/EN/EP/EX
  • preliminary SPD SMBus support for Intel Skylake-E/EN/EP/EX
  • improved chipset information caching
  • CPU TDP limit detection for AMD Ryzen 5
  • CPU package temperature measurement for Intel Skylake-E/EN/EP/EX
  • CPU VDD and CPU VDDNB voltage, current and power measurement for AMD Ryzen
  • improved support for AMD Zen server CPUs
  • preliminary support for AMD Zen 12-core and 16-core HEDT CPUs
  • GPU information for AMD Radeon RX 570 (Polaris 10)
  • GPU information for AMD Radeon RX 580 (Polaris 10)
  • sensor support for Dell SMI of OptiPlex 5050
  • fixed: motherboard specific sensor info for EVGA E75x, E76x, E77x
  • fixed: CPU diode temperature measurement for AMD Ryzen (-20 Celsius offset on 1600X, 1700X, 1800X)

I've put the eyebrow raising bullet points above into bold, for clarity. It looks like the benchmark programming boffins have slipped up and confirmed a salvo of impending AMD hardware releases that are apparently due in the not-too-distant future.

First of all you can see that high-core count HEDT Ryzen CPUs are indeed on their way from AMD. In addition to the 16C/32T Ryzen chip we heard about in rumours last month, AMD looks to be releasing at least one 12C/24T CPU. There might be multiple 16C and 12C chips in the upcoming HEDT range.

We have seen various scraps of information concerning the AMD Radeon RX 500 series previously. FinalWire offers further confirmation, in the above release notes, that the graphics card refresh from AMD coming shortly.

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not sure whats so secret about it, the leaks and news have been around for more than a week, meh, people just want to make a noise, OR, this is done on purpose to make some noise about the upcoming AMD releases aka marketing stunt.
not sure whats so secret about it, the leaks and news have been around for more than a week, meh, people just want to make a noise, OR, this is done on purpose to make some noise about the upcoming AMD releases aka marketing stunt.
nothing new. intel did the same think with the skylake and kabylake. on back to the sandy bridge.
Those seem to me the cpu's which are being released for the workstation/server market
If you really need such a beast than you obvious are working as a professional designer, cad/cam, video or otherwise needing a real multithreaded beast.
Not for normal users who do not need so many core/threads. I actually am skipping the 1800x for that reason as well. I really see no need for a 16 threaded cpu in my usage. Even though its a darn cheap powerhouse. For me its completely useless, the only program which uses real multithreading is winrar.
The rest will not use more than 1 to 4 cores even if AMD wanted to change that … its not gonna happen.
Do not get me wrong i like the ryzen very much but i really no longer use the power programs anymore.
And the games which are released from 2014 to now really will never come into my steam collection.
Besides if they get into my humble bundle collection, but most of them get deleted from my drives pretty fast because they are uber boring or need endless cheating to play.
I never will go onto online games ever again, because all of them are full of hacks and cheats and sport me no fun at all. The only thing they do is making me cranky and frustrated that they never seem to be able to beat the cheating bastards in these games. I actually knew a few who admitted they cheated in every game to win. I really do not understand why one dares to call cheating winning.
For those who dare to say i win because i do not cheat ends in my list of absolute cheaters.
Because all of the cheaters i know constant said that, untill i got them red handed.
I am not gonna say how but those people knew i was going after them to see if they was lying.
And i proofed they lied constant