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NZXT debuts Kraken X52, updates Kraken X42 and X62 liquid coolers

by Mark Tyson on 19 October 2016, 11:01

Tags: NZXT, Asetek

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Chassis and cooling specialist NZXT has announced both new and refreshed all-in-one (AiO) liquid cooler designs. The Kraken X52 is an all-new design, while the Kraken X42 and Kraken X62 build upon previous popular AiO coolers from NZXT. All the designs were built with cooperation from Asetek and use this firm's newest technology such as its 5th generation pump and 'unique radiators', said to be optimised for NZXT's Aer P static pressure fans. Kraken AiO coolers feature NZXT's HUE+ lighting.

The new NZXT Kraken X52 AiO cooler

Highlights of the entire range of new Kraken AiO coolers are as follows:

  • Redesigned quieter pump: Embrace the silence
  • CAM powered pump and fan speed controls: Full control to cool your way
  • All-new Aer P fans: Built for cooling perfection
  • Reinforced tubing: Nylon enhanced for added protection
  • Advanced RGB lighting effects: Informative and fun
  • Industry leading 6-year warranty

Summarising the new AiO cooling product trio; the Kraken X42 is a single Aer P140 (140mm) fan/rad design, the Kraken X52 is a twin Aer P120 (120mm) fan/rad design, and the Kraken X62 sits atop of the range with a twin Aer P140 fan/radiator combination. As detailed above, all these products include CAM powered pump and fan controls and advanced lighting effects. Aer fan units are said to generate between 21-38dBA noise levels when spun up. Fans can be equipped with colour trim for a small extra outlay (red, blue or white).

Kraken X62, and X42 AiO coolers

The pump and fans can operate in Silent / Performance / Custom / Manual modes and there are a plethora of lighting modes too. NZXT has devised Fixed, Breathing, Fading, Marquee, Covering Marquee, Pulse, Spectrum Wave, Alternating, Tai Chi, Water Cooler, and Loading LED presets but the lighting can react to 'smart' and 'audio' events too if you wish.

UK availability is scheduled ahead of mid-November and recommended pricing of the Kraken X42, X52, and X62 is £109.99, £129.99, and £139.99 respectively. US customers can pre-order now, with shipment from early November, and pricing for them is set at $129.99, $149.99, and $159.99 (plus sales tax) respectively.

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Ā£110 for a single 140 fan AIO!!!

Lol, NZXT are so far up their own backsides when it comes to pricing.
Have the original which is excellent, I replaced the fans on it though with high static pressure led fans in push/pull setup.
They should have optional RGB led fans on this new one.
“Industry leading 6-year warranty”, is a big win.