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Aerocool Dream Box is a $150 DIY PC chassis construction kit

by Mark Tyson on 24 February 2016, 12:31

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Taiwan-based Aerocool has made available a new product called the Dream Box DIY kit. The main purpose of the kit, as supplied, is to build a PC chassis and everything is supplied (except for side panelling/windows) for that purpose. However the firm is keen to point out you can use the kit for many a creative construction project such as making a table, a lamp, a toy or even a 'wild boar' or a 'helicopter'.

If you the idea of a frame-style chassis appeals but the likes of the In Win D-Frame Mini are a bit beyond your budget the Aerocool Dream Box might be an appealing project. Compared to the £250 In Win chassis, the Dream Box costs US$150 - but as mentioned above lacks any panelling and it also lacks the appealing curves of the In Win design. To buy the Dream Box you would have to enjoy DIY projects too, but not quite so much you would prefer a trip down to a builder's merchant and an afternoon with a ruler, drill and hack saw.

The Dream Box contains 188 parts including beams, bars, angled/straight/cross joints and drilled mounting plates. The parts are designed once assembled to mount a motherboard and power supply plus a supplied I/O panel. You will find that the main construction tubes have grooves to accept side/top/front panels and so on but none are supplied - you will have to measure and cut your own sheet materials.

It looks like Aerocool is looking to build up some buzz for its new system kit on the back of the recent increased interest in all things branded as 'maker' devices and accessories. To that end Aerocool touts the Dream Box as being adaptable for many an unlikely creation. For $150 it already seems pretty pricy, looking at the components, but use it to make a meccano-esque cup holder or coat hanger just seem to be the products of an anything-goes brainstorming exercise by the marketing department.

The Dream Box kit is said to be available immediately and the microsite contains pictures of example projects and a video tutorial on constructing the PC chassis from the kit.

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Seems cool for people who like DIY stuff and not a bad price either
I like the idea, but I think the execution could do with a bit of a change. Mainly, sell the bits individually or at least in smaller kits to get the price down. For example, I made a mini-ITX case out of LEGO (build log is here somewhere), so if I was to use this, there would be a lot of unnecessary pieces.
On word. Mechano.
That looks good shame they don't include side panels
Probably be cheaper to have a browse round the plumbing and hardware sections at B&Q.