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In Win shows off concept tou chassis

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 June 2013, 11:29

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In Win is no stranger to creating unusual-looking chassis. In the last year it has brought us the D-Frame and H-Frame cases, but is perhaps going a step further at Computex 2013 by showing off the tou.

The tou is a full-tower chassis that consists of an aluminium main structure surrounded by 3mm-thick tempered glass. It's fairly standard going by the specification sheet, as it houses a trio of 3.5in drives, a single 5.25in and two dedicated mounts for 2.5in SSDs. Cooling-wise it is pre-equipped with a front intake 120mm and three exhaust 120mm fans on the top, and it supports seven PCIe slots and two front-mounted USB 3.0.

So why the apparent fuss? Well, it's all about the way it looks. We won't spoil the surprise and will let In Win's Nelly Hsieh reveal all.


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The mirrored glass and lighting effect is certainly more striking in real life. We're not huge fans of the out-of-place-looking 3.5in front panel or the incongruous optical drive. Perhaps the biggest hurdle to acceptance is the price. In Win said the tou is likely to retail at $799 - yes, $799 - when released in limited quantities soon.

Let us know what you think in the HEXUS.community.

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That case has definately been hit by the ugly stick!
Perfect for LAN parties? Lol, you can lug it around for me then my dear.
Just no. PC's and most other tech should look like the monolith from 2001. Bring back Sinclair I say !
Huh, maybe its just me then but i rather like it.
That is powerfully ugly.

How long before Apple use it for the new PowerMac line?