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Antec LanBoy Air chassis pencilled in for July release

by Parm Mann on 26 May 2010, 14:20

Tags: LanBoy Air, Antec

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Antec's LanBoy Air chassis has been making brief appearances* at trade shows for the best part of year, but it looks as though the open-frame enclosure is now ready for public consumption.

According to Antec, the chassis - which this week picked up a Computex 2010 Design & Innovation Award - will be on store shelves in July.

Taking a lego-like approach to enclosures, the LanBoy Air will feature modular drive bay, PSU and motherboard mounts - allowing the user to reconfigure the chassis interior as he/she sees fit.

The majority of the chassis is constructed from mesh panels connected in jigsaw fashion, and it also introduces a new Antec innovation in AirMount. Described as the "world’s first patented vibration and noise-dampening HDD suspension system," AirMount will allow users to suspend hard drives in the air using flexible cords. In addition to lowering vibration noise, AirMount should help prevent damage to working hard disks when moving the chassis - a useful feature to have for LAN-goers, perhaps.

It's bound to attract plenty of dust, and the JCB-like appearance isn't winning us over, but we're certainly intrigued by the concept.

Want a closer look? Stay tuned as we'll be going hands on with the LanBoy Air at Computex 2010 next week.

*Yes, this is the fun-for-all chassis that we teased way back in June 2009.

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wheres meh sick bag …. im sure some people will like the originality of it … but not my cup of tea tbh
When are chassis manufacturers going to get back to cases designed by non-stupid people (aka engineers rather than designers)?
10/10 for concept, let down by execution that got hit by a bright yellow ugly stick.
Great idea but a clean, simple, all-black (aluminium) modular case design would've looked great. I just don't understand why they had to tack on the colours.
And I really like that, this does look like a case designed by engineers, not designers.
The concept of a modular pc case is great, heck I do hope they run with this and go further with it, take the modular concept over more chassis.

Think about it you get a basic frame and a bunch of internal moduals.
You can then swap the internals around however you want them.
Don't like the mesh side panels? get solid ones instead. heck antec could make cheaper steel panels, burshed aluminium panels, layered sound absorbant panels
Then you just pay your money for the option you want.

I'll admit I'm not that keen on the yellow and black, does give it a nice industrial look, but think what that would look like with the yellow frame Chromed instead.