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Antec launches second ISK-series mini-ITX chassis

by Parm Mann on 29 January 2010, 10:14

Tags: ISK 310-150, Antec

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Way back in May 2009, Antec was touting the mini-ITX form factor as "the next big thing" and promptly promised a range of mini-ITX chassis, beginning with its ISK 300-65.

The ISK 300-65 chassis - referred to by Antec as "an epic case of mini proportions" - was generally well received, but we haven't seen Antec add to its mini-ITX series until now. Enter the the ISK 300-150.

Arriving some eight months after the first ISK-series chassis, Antec's latest small-form-factor enclosure features an upgraded 150W power supply - providing more than double the power available to its predecessor, despite remaining at 96mm x 222mm x 328mm in size.

Inside the 0.8mm cold-rolled steel chassis, we're looking at two 2.5in hard-drive bays, a single slimline 5.25in optical drive bay and cooling courtesy of a single 80mm side-mounted TriCool fan that supports three speed modes. Identical, then, to the ISK 300-65, as are the two USB ports, eSATA, audio ports and power and reset buttons on the front I/O.

Ticking all the right boxes for your next mini-ITX build? Antec's latest is available with a matte-black finish (model ISK 300-150) or a silver front bezel (model ISK 310-150), priced at Ā£69.

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Antec's ISK 300-65 - shipped with an external 65W power adaptor - measured just 96mm x 222mm x 328mm. The all-new ISK 300-150, meanwhile, features an integrated 150W power supply and measures a larger 195mm x 295mm x 380mm.

195mmx295mmx380 ? Thats about the size of a shuttle, surely thats wrong ? Maybe 95x295x380 ?


# Case dimensions:
- 96mm (H) x 222mm (W) x 328mm (D)
- 3.8? (H) x 8.7? (W) x 12.9? (D)
# Packaging dimensions:
- 295mm (H) x 380mm (W) x 195mm (D)
- 11.6“ (H) x 15” (W) x 7.7“ (D)

”Whoops", someones taken the packaging size, and confused the 150's case size, as the 65's case size, THEN confused the 150's BOX size, as the 150's case size..

According to Antec's website, both the cases are identical in size.