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Antec launches open-air Mini Skeleton chassis

by Parm Mann on 10 June 2009, 12:33

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Remember the Antec Skeleton chassis that surfaced back in September 2008? It was, and arguably still is, one of the coolest chassis' we've ever seen, but it's unique open-air design introduced obvious concerns such as dust and its price tag was such that it became hard to justify.

However, knowing that we all still love to see it, Antec's keeping the open-air trend going and is today officially launching a mini-ITX version of the chassis, calling it the Mini Skeleton-90.

The Mini Skeleton-90, pictured above, sports an obvious resemblance to its bigger brother, but finds itself downsized into a 190mm x 210mm x 230mm frame made of 0.8mm cold-rolled steel and reinforced plastic.

A top-mounted 150mm TriCool blue LED fan should provide ample cooling, and it's joined by a 70mm fan at the rear. Air flow, of course, won't be a problem, and a 90-watt adaptor is included to power the machine.

Inside (if you can call it that), there's room for a mini-ITX motherboard, a half-height expansion card, and support for five drive bays - consisting of one 5.25in bay, two 2.5in bays and two 3.5in bays.

We know that Antec believes mini-ITX to be the next big thing - hence the launch of its mini ISK Series - but we're not entirely convinced by the Mini Skeleton. Sure, it looks outstanding and it'll impress all your mates, but its form factor is usually confined to HTPC use, and we can't see the Mini Skeleton blending into the living room.

Making matters worse, Antec suggests an estimated retail price of $119 - that's only $20 less than the bigger ATX version. We love it, but we're not sure we'd go ahead and buy it.

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We love it, but we're not sure we'd go ahead and buy it.

Fantastic idea, don't have a clue what I'd do with it!
Looks cool, but the original, larger version was panned by every review I read, so this probably has the same flaws.
Why does this remind me of the old story about “The Emperor's New Clothes”.

There's nothing to it. Basically its a space frame case with little there (hey, why not just leave the board on the desk and hang the cables and peripherals off it!!) and yet they'll charge you a full case price for it. Great deal. Money for old rope!!!

I shall stick to a proper case thanks!! Bare circuit boards are for PC Porn Fans like Bender!! :rolleyes:
Surely the only point of the original was for on the fly tweaking, and why would you do that on mini ITX?
I'm with the “ooooh that looks cool but er.. I don't want one” crowd. Sadly, that's probably true of just about anybody in the market for a PC case..