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Jonsplus BO100 Mini ITX case is an appealing retro portable

by Mark Tyson on 29 December 2020, 11:11

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Jonsplus, a subbrand of Jonsbo Shenzhen Technology in China, has unveiled a new mini-ITX case with a nod to retro style and luggability. The official product pages say that the Jonsplus BO100 PC case is part of the a 'creative series' which is inspired by high-end audio products. Some may naturally equate that statement to the products being inspired by Bang & Olufsen, but to my eyes this particular product shares a lot more design cues with solid state portable TVs of the 1970s.

The Jonsplus BO100 Mini ITX case is an inverted U shaped outer frame constructed from 2.0mm magnesium alloy, with an anodised silver or black finish. Curving underneath the case a little this construction sits on 18.5mm feet made of the same material. A dust filter grille makes up the space closing the inverted U.

The front of this PC case has a top notched 4.0mm tempered blackened glass window and the notch area is used for a power button and easy access I/O; 1x USB 3.1 gen2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0 Type-A, combo audio jack. Moving round the back you can see a cooling airflow grille (as are present on either side, cutouts for motherboard I/O and the PSU, as well as a little leather loop to help you slide an inner skeleton from the chassis for assembly and upgrades etc.

This chassis size/shape could be described as a slightly tall cube, measuring 282mm tall, 239mm wide and 233mm deep. Feet and handles aren't included in those measurements. Moving on to the all-important maximum compatibility details, you can fit the following components in the BO100:

  • Motherboard: ITX, DTX (within 170mm x 203mm)
  • Graphics card: 207mm long twin slot GPU (up to 140mm slot height and 48mm thick)
  • Storage: 1x 3.5-inch HDD plus 2x 2.5-inch devices.
  • CPU cooler: up to 158.5 mm tall
  • Case cooling: Rear 120mm fan or 120mm water-cooled radiator
  • PSU: supports SFX / SFX-L (under 118mm in length if bottom 2.5-inch storage device is installed)

You won't get the latest and greatest powerful graphics cards in the BO100. Out of the currently available crop Jonsbo recommends the MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super Ventus XS C OC or Asus TUF GTX 1660S-6G-Gaming.

The Jonsplus B0100 Mini ITX case is being made available in silver or a black option. Pricing and availability are not known at this time.

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in these stock images the brown makes the handle look like a leather strap.
I like the layout & design, although the first thing I'd do is remove the handle.
I like it. If only it was 50mm deeper and could fit a 3070 or other standard 2-slot GPUs. Not much ventilation so maybe a mesh front would help but it would make it look even more like a retro-styled speaker. Connecting the CPU power cable might be a stretch with an SFX PSU; it depends on mobo layout I guess and you can't see the routing options clearly from those photos. But overall not bad and it's nice to see different ITX designs coming to market.
The handle is a selling point for a lot of people as it constitutes a big chunk of it's portability. If it's well-designed the strap should fold behind the case so that you don't see it if looking straight-on.

The portable-ITX market is becoming quite crowded and this doesn't stand out much and is likely to be fairly expensive (guessing ~Ā£250-300) so I'll probably skip on this, but would be interested if they made the front glass an actual screen, or at least addressable LEDs or something.
Clearly designed pre-3000/6000 series, 207mm is not enough graphics card space. There's a reason why ITX cases have been moving towards a more rectangular shape and away from cubes, there's limited room for improvement beyond the basic DAN case design in terms of size, which I imagine is the main motivator for ITX builders.
It's good to see some new ITX designs, however I'm not convinced with this one, as the last poster says 207mm for a gpu is just not going to cut it, and the looks are a bit marmite

The post yesterday on the upcoming but strangely named “Meshlicious” from newcomer SSUPD is a much more interesting proposition