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Chillblast becomes official Fnatic PC supplier

Tags: Chillblast, Fnatic, AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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UK PC manufacturer Chillblast has announced a new range of officially licenced gaming PCs developed in conjunction with Esports giants Fnatic. The range is exclusively powered by AMD CPUs and GPUs and starts at just £499.99

Chillblast has also become the official PC supplier to the Fnatic CS:GO team, one of the world’s most instantly recognisable Esports brands. Customers can configure and buy a PC identical to the systems used by the Fnatic CS:GO team to train and compete. 

Fnatic PC Consoles:

The Fnatic range of PC Consoles is designed for users who need a compact, transportable system that can be easily placed in a rucksack for taking to competitions and LAN Parties. Not much larger than an Xbox One, the Fnatic consoles come in three different flavours, each of which is fully upgradable so the console can grow with your requirements. 

Fnatic Official Gaming PCs: 

The Fnatic Official Gaming PC Range consists of four extremely powerful gaming systems that deliver jaw dropping graphics, incredible day-to-day PC performance and amazing expansion capabilities. Fnatic has teamed up with AMD to ensure each Fnatic Official PC system delivers everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to take on the world’s best and come out on top.