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Evesham restructures to focus on Web and Channel Sales after closure of Government HCI Scheme

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Evesham, 3rd August 2007

Evesham Technology, one of the UK’s longest established Direct PC manufacturers, is to focus on Web and Channel Sales after undergoing a re-structure. This was necessary following the closure of the Government backed ‘Home Computing Initiative’, an area in which the company had invested heavily.

It now intends to re-focus on Direct Sales of high-end PC systems and Consumer Electronics, products for which Evesham is renowned, and also expand on its channel sales operations established with popular mainstream and high street retailers. Most of its own brand retail stores are to close as these have not been performing well.

“Evesham has been a strong performer in the direct sector with very strong Mail Order and Web sales operations. Our products have always been of very high quality, over the past 23 years Evesham has won hundreds of awards for its products in reviews and has always fared well in comparative tests,” said Richard Austin, MD of Evesham Technology.

“We would like to reassure all of our customers that they will continue to receive support from the same Evesham staff and that their existing warranties will continue to be handled with Evesham’s award winning service, as before”.

The balance sheet restructuring with closure of most own brand retail stores, together with additional external investment, has significantly enhanced the financial position of the brand and this change will allow it to maintain its position as the leading direct PC and Consumer Electronics manufacturer in the UK.