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ASRock Rack Highlights High-density 1U Solution and SoC Platform at WorldHostingDays.global 2016

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Rust, Germany - 8 March, 2016 - The innovative server vendor ASRock Rack, specializing in the field of cloud-computing, high performance, and high-efficiency server technology, will be joining the world-class conference and showcasing its latest products at WorldHostingDays.global 2016 (WHD) in Rust, Germany to share experiences with other greatest hosting and cloud services industry.         

Innovative technology not only changes our lives but also leads us to a cloud-future. ASRock Rack will demonstrate high-density 1U solution which is ideal for cloud-based datacenter, Web 2.0 storage server and virtualization. We will be showcasing SoC and workstation motherboards during the show as well. 

With high demand of bigger storage and consideration of limited space, ASRock Rack will demonstrate the best solution for temporal data management on cloud-based datacenter and warehousing environments, 1U2FH-8S2E and 1U12LX-14S. 1U2FH-8S2E can support NVMe SSDs to accelerate the storage. Its 1U form factor supports 2 full-height PCIe cards and is designed with mezzanine slots for either network or storage expansion. Therefore, 1U2FH-8S2E is a high density and performance platform for hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud-based datacenter, and virtualization. The other exhibiting system, 1U12LX-14S is the best practice for keeping big data with redundant power supply datacenter and web 2.0 storage servers. It will be demoed with SoC Platform, D1540D4U-2T8R, which features Intel® Xeon D processor technology provides larger workloads and storage.  

Furthermore, ASRock Rack will showcase SoC Platform motherboard and workstation in consideration of various specialized users. Both D1540D4U-2T2O8R and D1541D4I-2L2T feature Intel® Xeon D processors and support DDR4 DIMM slots. They provide the best solutions for dynamic web serving, network appliance or firewall, mini rendering machine, warm storage, virtualization, big data, and database server. The mini-ITX workstation, C236 WSI4, supports Intel® Xeon®E3-1500 v5 series processors and 4 DDR DIMM slots. Most importantly, this high-end workstation with SoC in compact size is designed with Iris Pro GT4e which makes it the best option for professional graphic purposes.

Come by the ASRock Rack booth H22 to see how advancing technology could lead us to the Cloud-future. For more information, latest news, and announcement, please visit ASRock Rack at www.asrockrack.com or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ASRockRack/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/asrockrack     

About ASRock Rack

ASRock Rack Inc., established in 2013, is specializing in the field of Cloud Computing, high density servers, HPC, and Big Data. The company is dedicated to conducting business and serving customers with reliable innovation, advancing technology, consistent quality, and knowledgeable professionals. This young and vibrant company targets at the booming market of Cloud Computing and commits to serve the market with user-friendly and eco-friendly Do It Yourself Server hardware.