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Shuttle: Information on "Meltdown" and "Spectre"

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With reference to recent press coverage, weaknesses in the hardware architecture of processors have been discovered. These vulnerabilities may potentially be exploited with malware and thus may be used for unwanted access to and even theft of business or private data. Those vulnerabilities are known as "Meltdown" and "Spectre".

However, no cases have been reported so far that indicate the use of these vulnerabilities. In order to keep the risk to a minimum, it is important to have all recent updates for your operating system installed.

At this time we are investigating on this case as to what extend Shuttle products may be affected by vulnerabilities that cannot be patched by software updates alone. Should there be any BIOS updates required, we will provide them as soon as possible and keep you informed on availability. 

Update 2018-01-11

First BIOS updates are available for download

Updated BIOS/EFI files have been provided for the DH110SE and DH110 models, which contain modified microcode to fix one of the vulnerabilities in the affected processors:

Update 2018-01-12

Further models receive BIOS updates

As of today, corresponding updates are also available for the models NC03U, NC03U3, NC03U5, NC03U7, XH110, XH110V and DH170:

Further updates to follow -