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INNO3D® presents new dedicated Crypto-Mining System


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Hong Kong, December 18, 2017 - INNO3D®, a leading manufacturer of awesome high-end multimedia components and various innovations enriching your life, presents its new Crypto-Mining system, equipped with 9 individual P104-100 accelerators. Each of the data-crunching cards comes with its own cooling system and is tuned to optimize calculation power in even demanding circumstances.


Every miner’s goal is to get as many hash rates out of his device as he can. This new machine is even up for 330 MH/sec and supersedes its predecessor with an astonishing 40% of mining performance. Spread over 9 PCBs the system rules with an incredible 17,280 CUDA cores. In addition it has been equipped with a total of 10 fans engaging jet-like propulsion to keep the controller chips cooler than ever. 

The INNO3D engineers have pulled all their strings to design a system with the highest quality components that it performs beyond any expectation, built it at just the right size so it optimizes heat dissipation.

“Building a mining farm from scratch becomes super-easy with the need of placing additional cooling fans. Just install the OS and you can go!” said Stanley Wong, VP Sales Worldwide at INNO3D®. “And while this industry is rapidly evolving, we believe that this system has everything in house to meet the challenges and the needs of today’s demanding miner.”


MC3865-9-104 Specifications

NVIDIA® P104-100

9 Cards

Total NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores in system


System Controller


Intel Celeron 3865U Mobile CPU

System memory


System storage


Cooling System

High speed DC Fans

5 x Air-Inlet

5 x Air-Outlet

Fan speed

4800rpm (9cm DC12V)

Hash rate performance*


330MH/sec (+/- 5%)


4500 Sol/sec (+/- 5%)


6200H/sec (+/- 5%)


Are you in for your first mining farm or looking to expand? Contact us now and send your enquiry via For more information about the INNO3D® mining products, please visit

About INNO3D®

INNO3D® is highly committed to bring jaw-dropping computer hardware products to you. Without settling for compromise you can expect us to sync all resources focused on bringing the biggest bang for the smallest buck to our customers. As a strong team and close friends we sometimes walk the fine line of what is possible, aimed to cross boundaries and achieve that where others stay behind. We are “Brutal by Nature” in everything we do and are 201% committed for you to have the best hardware experience in the world. INNO3D®'s product scope includes crypto mining accelerators, crypto mining system, Ultimate graphics accelerators and 3D printers.

The real mining performance depends on the mining application, miner / mining pool and /or ambient temperature of the mining environment.