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In Win Ammo, 2009 “red dot” Design Award Winner

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Always seeking to break barriers and redefine market trends, In Win’s determination has struck gold once again. The Ammo, a 2.5” HDD enclosure, has received a Red Dot Award for Product Design. The award was won from an international pool of applicants, making it an important triumph for In Win. “This award is only conferred to particularly creative, innovative, and high-quality products” (Source: The Ammo represents the company as a leading innovator in the design industry, adding imaginative and inventive to its international resume. This victory for the Ammo comes at an exciting time for In Win, as the product has also won a 2009 CES Innovations Honoree Award.
With an array of military themed products such as the B2 gaming chassis and Commander PSU, In Win consistently strives towards product developments that are stylish and innovative. The Ammo is no exception. Fashioned after a life-like ammunitions clip, the Ammo’s small size and outer casing featuring anti-shock make it the ideal storage solution for those always on the go.

[About red dot]
red dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. The red dot is an internationally recognized quality label for excellent design that is aimed at all those who would like to qualify their business activities with the help of design. The qualification is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Outstanding design is selected in the international design competition “red dot design award” by competent expert juries in the fields of product design, communication design, and design concepts.

Encased in 0.8mm of hard steel and emblazoned with inlayed groove lines that add to its character and anti-shock feature, the Ammo is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a perfect fit for end-users who seek a quality casing for their HD. It is able to withstand the heavy blows that come with being lugged around in backpacks and briefcases. Not only is its overall look eye-catching, even more striking is the Ammo’s security system. Fitted with RFID encryption security technology, an included dog tag acts as the units’ key. Swiping the dog tag across the front of the device will unlock it, enabling access to all the precious information stored within.