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NVIDIA and Stardock Partner to Distribute Impulse

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PLYMOUTH, MI - (September 1, 2009) – Stardock (www.stardock.com) and NVIDIA Corporation announced today the Impulse ‘NVIDIA Edition’ which features Stardock’s digital download platform, Impulse, specially branded for NVIDIA users.  With the new NVIDIA Edition, gamers will be able to buy the latest games, be informed of updated NVIDIA drivers and get the latest gaming news all through a single desktop application. The companies expect the NVIDIA Edition of Impulse to become available this summer.

With Impulse, users purchase their game and can then immediately download and install the game through the Impulse client which seamlessly manages updates, community features and more. Games become part of that user’s account such that when a user purchase a new machine, a user can simply re-download the Impulse client, logon to their account and re-download all their purchases, even years into the future.

The Impulse NVIDIA Edition is a one-stop application that detects the latest video drivers available from the NVIDIA site, compares those to the version installed on a user’s PC and if the user elects to update to the most current version, Impulse NVIDIA Edition will automate the installation process.

“The single biggest issue preventing PC gamers today from having an optimal experience is a failure to update their video card drivers,” said Brad Wardell, CEO and president of Stardock. “For many users, updating video drivers has been a complicated and sometimes confusing experience. As PC game developers ourselves, we recognized those concerns and, in partnership with NVIDIA, have taken a step to make the process more accessible.”

Bill Rehbock, senior director of worldwide content marketing at NVIDIA, agreed, “The ability to inform consumers of driver updates and other optimizations through Impulse, the same platform that gamers use to buy new game titles and to receive game updates, was compelling for us and a feature that we believe will really benefit consumers. Our driver updates contain important optimizations that can really enhance the PC gaming experience. The easier that we make it for gamers to find and install them, the better the PC gaming experience will be.”

Wardell continued, “"The enthusiast gamer has made NVIDIA graphics the most popular discrete graphics solution in the market. We are working with NVIDIA to allow more gamers to experience enhanced graphics in their game play. Combined with our easy-to-use Impulse store and the best deals online on games, this is a win-win for the consumer.”

Stardock is a member of the NVIDIA developer program. The two companies have worked in partnership since 2002, when Stardock created a series of visual styles or “skins” powered by Stardock’s WindowBlinds technology and specifically branded for NVIDIA and NVIDIA partners, including Abit, BFG Technologies, eVGA.com and Jaton.

For more information about Stardock please visit www.stardock.com, to get Impulse please visit www.impulsedriven.com.