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G.SKILL CUP - G.SKILL is hosting an extreme overclocking contest at HWBOT in May

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Following the release of its new extreme DDR3 lineup, TridentX, G.SKILL is thrilled to host an extreme overclocking contest at HWBOT, the widely recognized authority in the field of overclocking. The G.SKILL CUP OC competition will start May 1st and run until May 30th and consists of three different stages with 14 G.SKILL Memory kits offered to the winners. For more detail, please refer to the event page

Three Competition Stages

1. Max Memory Clock (the highest memory frequency possible)
2. SuperPI 32M on ivy bridge platform (No limit on the frequency) 
3. IGP 3DMark06

Event Rules

1. G.SKILL memory only(all stages). 
2. Open platform choice (stage#1 and stage#3)
3. Submit scores with G.SKILL competition background (all stages)
4. CPUZ verification link (stage #1) and CPUZ memory tab in screenshot (all stages) 
5. Picture of GSKILL memory and platform(all stages)


  • Memory frequency world record: TridentX DDR3 2800MHz 8GB(2x4GB)- Stage #1 top 3: TridentX DDR3 2666MHz 8GB(2x4GB)
  • Stage #2 top 3: TridentX DDR3 2600MHz 8GB(2x4GB)- Stage #3 top 3: TridentX DDR3 2400MHz 8GB(2x4GB)
  • Overall champion: RipjawsZ DDR3 2400MHz 32GB(4x8GB)
  • Three Lucky draw winners: RipjawsX DDR3 2133MHz 8GB(2x4GB)  
To participate the competition, please visit the page.