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Antec VPF power units: New entry-level models launched

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The new power units of the Antec VPF series combine top technologies for maximum-safety of pc-components, stable output voltages, high efficiency and a low operating noise at an outstanding price-performance ratio. In addition, they use the unique CircuitShield™ technology, which offers the largest number of protective circuits worldwide. On top of that, the models VPF350, VPF450, VPF550 and VPF650 stand out with the efficient 80 PLUS® Bronze certification, extremely stable voltage thanks to advanced DC-DC technology and Thermal Manager - Antecs own ingenious automatic cooling system.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), March 4, 2015 - By virtue of their 80 PLUS® Bronze certification, the new generation of reliable entry-level allrounders in Antecs VPF series for gamers and system integrators achieve an efficiency of up to 88 percent. Because of the excellent ratio of expended power to usable energy, the VPF family is not only more efficient, but also more powerful than its predecessors. 

CircuitShield™ technology has the largest number of protective circuits worldwide

Compared to other power units in this price segment, the new VPF models are equipped with additional safety standards and due to the innovative CircuitShield™ technology offer as much as nine industrial quality protective circuits. Users can therefore rely on their high quality pc components to be perfectly protected. The complete set consisting of overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), undervoltage protection (UVP), short circuit protection (SCP), overload power protection (OPP), overheating protection (OTP), surge and inrush protection (SIP), low-load operation (NLO) and protection against temporary fall of voltage (BOP) renders the new VPF power units reliable and stable power suppliers. 

Entry-level power units with up to 650 Watt Continuous Power

The power units of the new VPF series are available with a power output of 350 Watt, 450 Watt, 550 Watt and 650 Watt. The four voltage converters use two 12V rails, each of which delivers 35 Ampere. This way the VPF power units provide reliable and stable energy even for the most sophisticated processors and graphic cards. Furthermore, the Active PFC provides constant output voltage. On top of that, the VPF power units are compatible with the current generation of Haswell processors and support the latest ATX12V 2.4 standard. 

Maximum voltage stability as a result of DC-DC technology

Especially gamers will benefit from the innovative DC-DC topology of the VPF series, because elaborate 3D-games cause severe load fluctuations. Those are no threat to the new VPF power units though: Aside of its outstanding efficiency the highly potent DC-DC technology comes with the benefit of high voltage stability. Thus, the new VPF power units ensure a steady voltage output even at high load fluctuations, resulting in a outstandingly stable work mode of the pc. 

Convenience and flexibility for pc enthusiasts and gamers

Thanks to their universal input, the energy suppliers can be used in almost every power grid in the world (100 to 240 V). The models VPF450 and VPF550 are equipped with two, the VPF650 with four PCI-E plugs. As a consequence, the power units can be used to operate more than just one graphic card. Due to its NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire certification the VPF650 is particularly interesting for the cost-conscious gamer, who does not want to do without high-level technology. All of the power units are also equipped with a sufficient amount of ports for SATA, PATA, FDD and PEG to satisfy in every field of use.

Super-silent Quiet Computing™ because of Thermal Manager technology

To cool down its high performance power units Antec relies on a premium quality 120mm plain bearings fan built for maximum durability. The advanced low-volt fan control Thermal Manager constantly monitors the power unit's temperature and automatically adjusts the rotation speed of its fan according to its utilisation. Antec thereby ensures optimal heat- and noise-management in line with minimum power consumption.

Superior quality standards of workmanship

Antec does not compromise when quality is concerned and delivers an excellent price-performance ratio: In cooperation with Delta the focus is on the highest standards of workmanship for the power units and their components. To ensure stable output and regulation of direct current only the best high performance capacitators are used on the circuit boards of each VPF power unit. The SEEC casings are extremely robust and made of cold rolled steel, which is 0.8 millimetres thick. 

3-year warranty and 24/7 lifetime support

All models of the VPF series come with a three-year warranty and a worldwide 24/7 lifetime support. The recommended retail prize of the VPF350 is 39,99 Euro. The VPF450 is prized at 44,99 Euro, the VPF550 is available for 54,99 Euro and the VPF650 is offered at 64,99 Euro. All power units are available immediately. 

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About Antec

For 29 years, Antec, Inc. has been the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, being the pioneer and market leader for quiet, efficient and innovative products such as the P280 and SOLO II enclosures as well as for their award-winning PSUs having the lowest returns in the industry. Antec continues to further the industry with performance-rich enclosures, efficient power supplies, reliable cooling components, the cutting-edge Antec Advance accessories line, and the Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P). Founded in 1986, Antec is headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in Netherlands, Germany, China and Taiwan.