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XILENCE XQ PSUs now available - Unique cooling design and extraordinary efficiency

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Hanover, 14. May 2012: XILENCE, global acting manufacturer of PC cooling solutions and power supply units, announced today that the new power supply units of its XQ series are now available in retail. The gold-certified 750 Watt and the platinum-certified 850 Watt model will be immediately available. A 1000 Watt platinum version is expected to come on the market at the beginning of June.

The new XQ power supply unit range is an entirely new development. These silent running units break with the usual compact block shape, featuring a sloping side with two built-in 60mm fans. This is the visible part of the new Direct Airflow concept, which ensures noise-free work at maximum performance. Inside, the cooling unit divides the power supply into two cooling zones monitored by temperature sensors. If the temperature exceeds a certain level in one of the zones, the fan of this zone will start to rotate slowly.

The high efficiency of the power supply allows it to run mostly in silent passive mode. The fans only assist in the heat discharging process as of a load level of 20 to 30%. This device is ideal for noise-sensitive PC users, who want to enjoy the safety of an actively ventilated power supply unit. The red status LED at the rear of the power supply shows when the power supply unit is switched on. The noise level will not indicate if the unit is running or not.

The angle of the sloping power supply side was specifically adapted to ensure a better airflow to the graphics card installed directly above it. Especially when triple or quad graphics cards are fitted, the power supply unit often prevents effective cooling of the bottom graphic boards.

Another special feature is the extremely flat front connection panel of the fully modular XQ models, soldered directly to the PCB. Direct connection not only reduces the design height, but also the amount of cabling needed inside the power supply and naturally also the cables' contact resistance levels.

Automatic fitting (SMD fitting, a common feature in the manufacture of mainboards) guarantees a consistently high finishing quality. Xilence offers its customers a five-year guarantee (after registering at www.xilence.net), and on-site replacement during the first twelve months.

The Xilence XQ power supply units are now available in a 850 Watt version (platinum-certified) and a 750 Watt version (gold certified). The product range will be rounded out shortly by the introduction of gold-certified 550W and 650W models.

For further information on the XQ power supply series, please see: http://xqpsu.xilence.net.

XILENCE XQ power supply 850 Watt (189 Euro): http://xqpsu.xilence.net.
XILENCE XQ power supply 750 Watt (EUR 179): http://xqpsu.xilence.net.


Xilence Technology, a leading manufacturer of computer components and accessories, stands for innovative cases, power supplies and cooling solutions, as well as for high-quality PC and laptop accessories. With development and quality assurance operations based in Germany, along with branch offices in Taiwan and southern China, XILENCE is positioned globally, allowing it to respond with a high degree of flexibility to market changes. This guarantees the best possible products for enthusiasts and demanding PC users.

Further information about XILENCE can be found at www.xilence.net.