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Our latest Nitro series offers a total of ten new power supply models covering the entire range from 350W all the way up to 1200W. Distinguished by the external appearance and performance, the new series are split into two different categories, with and without cable management. The four power supplies held in grey color come without the cable management feature and are basically dedicated to system-builders and users who require lower but stable wattages (350W ~ 500W) as well as lay emphasis on price competitiveness and ecological values. During this year’s Computex in Taiwan, Jason Yang, CEO of CHIEFTEC Ind. Co. Ltd, laid great importance on implementing already existing resources and environmental sustainability while developing the Nitro series. According to Jason Yang, the new Nitro power supplies come with the highly valued 80plus certifications and a strong and competitive pricing thereby opening new market opportunities and addressing a wider group of buyers.

The afore mentioned “starter” models come with a silent running 120mm fan and in the higher-wattage segment (450W & 500W) additionally offer a EPS 12V connector. The high performance models (550W ~ 1200W) come in a special black color finishing thereby adding a more distinctive and valuable touch. Furthermore cable management, a 14cm silent running fan and an efficiency level of up to 90,1% are some of the convincing characteristics of these six power supplies. In addition, the modular models provide up to six 8pin (6+2) PCIe 2.0 and ten SATA connectors in order to support amongst others, high performance graphic cards in dual mode. Lastly, they offer two EPS 12V connectors each to support power-demanding and state-of-the-art CPUs.

All models of the Nitro series are according to the PS2 type form factor and comply with the ATX 2.3 specifications. Technologically advanced security functions protect the system and powered components. The detailed specifications can be found in the below table.

All Nitro power supplies come with an automatic fan speed controller steered by a thermostat. A power button to the rear enables the user to switch the power supply on and/or off.

The packaging is of high quality and includes the respective cables, installation screws and a multi-lingual manual.

In the April issue of the renowned Italian IT magazine „PC Professionale“, the BPS-550C, a member of the Nitro series was pre-tested and received, as the only power supply, the extremely and highly recognised “Silver VIP Award”.

To sum it up, CHIEFTEC has again succeeded -by considering ecological values and cost-optimised production- in developing a power supply series with an extremely high cost/performance ratio and a unique design.

The Nitro power supplies will be available in Europe from week 26.