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Phanteks announces new AMP Series power supplies

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands -  September 5th, 2019 – Phanteks today announced their new mainstream power supplies product line, the AMP series. Powered by Seasonic, the new AMP series 80 PLUS Gold comes in 750W, 650W, 550W and is fully modular.    

The high efficiency and compact design of the AMP series provide up to 750 watts in a 140mm housing and comes with modular, black, flat power cables to make installation easy and clean. The AMP series features a Hybrid Silent Fan Control that achieves optimal cooling with temperature-controlled fan speed and fan-less mode for silent performance. The AMP series is also Revolt Pro Link certified providing 100% compatibility, reliability, and stability to work directly with the Revolt Pro expandable PSU allowing you to power more. Do more with the new AMP series power supplies and stay worry-free with the 10-year warranty. 


AMP 750W: €109,99 / £104.99 

AMP 650W:  €99,99 / £94.99 

AMP 550W:  €89,99 / £82.99 

Availability September 2019


Phanteks strives to develop top quality and superior products, we continuously pursue excellence in developing new products to bring satisfaction to PC enthusiasts and computer users everywhere.