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ASUSTOR Unveils new Flagship NAS Models, ADM 3.0 and CMS Lite at Computex 2016


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At Computex 2016, ASUSTOR is exhibiting 5 brand new enterprise-class quad-core flagship models in the AS6208T, AS6210T, AS6204RD/RS and AS6212RD; Brand new ADM 3.0 operating system featuring customizable widgets, grouping function and system notification board; Enhanced multimedia functions and new CMS Lite for Surveillance Center.

Taipei, Taiwan, May 31st, 2016 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has unveiled 5 new enterprise-class flagship models for the coming year at Computex 2016 in Taipei. These new models include the 8-bay AS6208T and 10-bay AS6210T tower models along with the 4-bay AS6204RD, 4-bay AS6204RS and 12-bay AS6212RD rackmount models. These 5 models all come equipped with the newest generation of Intel quad-core processors, expandable memory, and a rich variety of I/O interfaces, providing enterprise users with a stable performing, highly usable and cost-effective cloud storage solution. At Computex, ASUSTOR will also be exhibiting the all new ADM 3.0 interface, enhanced MyArchive storage technology, more powerful multimedia functionality and CMS Lite surveillance system application. ASUSTOR will be exhibiting at Computex for 5 days starting from today until June 4th. All are invited to visit ASUSTOR at the ASUS Booth, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th floor, booth M0410 in order to experience the latest NAS technology and innovative concepts firsthand.

New ADM 3.0 Interface

The third generation ADM 3.0 interface provides users with even more customizability by adding new theme color options for a more vibrant user experience. The new ADM 3.0 interface not only supports 4K displays but also features desktop icons that can automatically adjust their size according to the screen resolution. Users will also have the option to display their desktop icons in 5x3, 6x3, 6x4, 7x3, and 7x4 formations. Furthermore, newly added desktop widgets and icon grouping functions provide even more customization possibilities while a system notification area has been added for system administrators. Administrators can now customize notification messages to be displayed to users before or after they log in to ADM.

Enhanced MyArchive Cold Backup Technology

MyArchive is ASUSTOR’s exclusive storage management technology. The newly enhanced MyArchive increases the number of simultaneous configurable MyArchive hard disks from 2 to N-1. Users can also now format hard disks to EXT4, NTFS and HFS+ file systems, significantly expanding MyArchive disks’ flexibility and availability. When no longer needed, removed MyArchive disks can be put into eSATA/USB external enclosures and be directly accessible via Windows or Apple Mac devices. Additionally, MyArchive disks can be configured to automatically mount on up to 20 trusted NAS devices. MyArchive also now supports AES 256-bit encryption along with decryption via password, electronic key or physical USB device. 

Enterprise-Class Surveillance Center Applications

ASUSTOR NAS users can turn their NAS into a professional NVR free of charge. At Computex, ASUSTOR’s new Surveillance Center 2.5 will be paired with the AS7010T and a dual monitor display featuring 64 different surveillance feeds and electronic maps to exhibit an ideal professional surveillance solution. ASUSTOR will also be exhibiting a future function in the ASUSTOR Central Management System (CMS) Lite version. CMS Lite can take multiple ASUSTOR NVR systems and centralize them on a primary server. A maximum of 32 ASUSTOR NVR systems can be added and a maximum of 128 camera feeds can be viewed. Administrators can also configure user permissions according to each camera, satisfying the needs of medium to large sized surveillance infrastructures. Furthermore, security surveillance systems have always needed long term recording storage space. ASUSTOR provides shared folder or USB external storage device mounting that can be combined with the MyArchive function in limited storage situations to provide scheduled backups of recordings to MyArchive hard disks for organized storage. Should users need to review recordings, the MyArchive disks can be inserted back into the NAS at any time for easy access.

Introduction to Surveillance Center 2.5

Surveillance Center 2.5 satisfies Windows users’ cross-browser usage needs with support for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. HTTPS encrypted connections are also now available when viewing video feeds online, making configurations or playing back recordings, providing added security. Surveillance Center also provides a self-defined save location function for recording files allowing users to configure the location according to their preferences for added flexibility and freedom. Additionally, over 43 compatible camera models have been added from world renowned brands for a total of 700+ compatible camera models. Users can also now use the local display function to directly search and playback specific recording files via the timeline or calendar and listen to live audio as well.

Introduction to Multimedia Applications

ASUSTOR NAS provides more than just storage. ASUSTOR’s 31, 32, 61, 62 series devices all come equipped with HDMI ports that can combine with ASUSTOR Portal, Kodi and 4K displays to easily create a home multimedia center. Users can also install a variety of 3rd party applications to ASUSTOR Portal which include online streaming multimedia packs, social media packs, chess, Spotify and Netflix for even more digital fun at home.

LooksGood and SoundsGood

Developed by ASUSTOR, LooksGood is a web-based video player application while SoundsGood provides a web-based music player. Users can use LooksGood to manage the video collections on their NAS and play back videos. ASUSTOR NAS also features the exclusive Hyper Transcoding function that offers a tenfold decrease in file conversion times. LooksGood’s corresponding mobile app AiVideos lets users take all of their videos on the go by streaming them to their phone. As for SoundsGood, the new interface is now more intuitive and simple while its corresponding mobile app AiMusic now supports the local playback function. Users need only connect their NAS to USB speakers or HDMI/SPDIF output devices and they will be able to use their phone to control music playback. For more product information please visit:


Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc., a subsidiary of ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions. ASUSTOR is devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experiences and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.